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Amber Rice, Ph.D.
Amber Rice, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

The department of biological sciences is pleased to introduce our newest assistant professor, Amber Rice, Ph.D. Amber received her undergraduate degree in Biology from the College of Wooster in 2001. After spending a year as a substitute teacher, Amber moved to Chapel Hill, NC where she obtained her Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina in 2008. From there, she headed to Uppsala University in Sweden, where she worked as a postdoctoral researcher for two and a half years. Dr. Rice moved back to North Carolina for a short postdoc from January to July of 2011, before moving to Bethlehem to join the faculty at Lehigh in the fall.

Rice is an evolutionary biologist. Her research focuses on the roles of species interactions, such as competition and hybridization, in speciation. Dr. Rice uses a combination of ecological field studies and genetic analyses in her work. She has worked with a variety of species during her career, including wild radish, wolf spiders, red snapper, spadefoot toads, and flycatchers. Her current projects focus on the early stages of speciation in spadefoot toads and the late stages of speciation in several hybridizing bird species. Dr. Rice already has two Lehigh undergraduates doing research in her lab, and this summer, she plans to involve Lehigh students in field research with local populations of chickadees.

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