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Microscopy Room


User fees apply for instrumentation use and technical support. Departmental Liaison memberships as available, which includes a reduced fee schedule. Please contact our Business Manager, Maria Brace, for more information.

Light Microscopy
(Iacocca C-135 and C-136)

The Department has several dissection and compound microscopes that are freely available as well as four fluorescence microscopes: the Nikon Eclipse TE200U, the Nikon Eclipse E800, and the Nikon SMZ1500. Three Nikon digital cameras are also available for use with these microscopes.


Electron Microscopy

The Department of Biological Sciences has a LVEM5 (Delong LVEM5 Team, Montreal) electron microscope, which features a benchtop (miniature) design, high-brightness Shottky emitter and minimal maintenance, TEM mode, high contrast and no staining (polymers, bio-materials). At 5 kV, the LVEm5 provides up to 10 times higher contrast than a conventional TEM at 80kV. The LVEM5 is the first benchtop low-voltage electron microsocpe. The unique features of our LVEM5 as compared with the conventional TEM are:

  • enhanced contrast for organic specimens (reducing or eliminating the need in contrasting agents)
  • compact size
  • simple operation (can be used by all group members, not just by a dedicated operator)
  • can be used for training/teaching undergraduate students
  • can be used as a screening step before submitting sample to analytical TEM/SEM procedures.

For further information, or to learn how you can enhance your research with this piece of equipment, please contact our lab manager, Lee Graham (610-758-5683).

Researchers also have access to the 10 electron microscopes found at Lehigh in the Department of Material Science.



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