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Laser Microdissection


The Department of Biological Sciences has state-of-the-art Molecular Machines & Industries (MMI) laser microdissection system. The system features:

  • contamination-free microdissection with MMI Isolation cap
  • solid state laser with high precision cutting
  • live cell microdissection capabilities
  • high precision motorized XY-stage
  • MMI UVCut software with Cell Explorer image recognition software
  • pen screen
  • Nikon TE-2000S inversted microscope with fluorescence capabilities
  • UV/Texas Red/FITC filters
  • motorized sample recovery

For further information or to learn how you can enhance your research with this equipment, please contact Lee Graham, lab manager, at 610-758-5683.

User fees apply for instrumentation use and technical support. Departmental Liaison memberships as available, which includes a reduced fee schedule. Please contact our Business Manager, Maria Brace, for more information.

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