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Confocal Microscopy (Iacocca C-237)

Ryan Wynne & Vance Imhoff using the confocal microscope Confocal Microscopy at Lehigh University

The Department of Biological Sciences maintains a shared Zeiss LSM 510 META laser scanning confocal microscope.  The microscope stand consists of a Zeiss inverted microscope equipped with the following objectives:  5X 0.15 NA; 10X 0,3 NA; 25X 0.8 NA, imm corr DIC; 40X 1.3 NA oil DIC; 60X 1.4 NA oil DIC.  For viewing specimens by eye, the microscope is equipped for epi-illumination with a 100 W Fluoroarc and DIC, Texas Red, FITC and CFP filter cubes.  A heated stage is available for living cell studies; users must provide their own cell chamber (details available upon request).

For laser scanning, the system includes an Argon2 laser (458nm, 477nm, 488nm and 514nm excitation wavelengths), HeNe1 (543nm) and HeNe2 (633nm).  The confocal system includes 3 PMT detectors, one of which can be used for spectral imaging (the META system; click here for more information).

The software includes the Zeiss Physiology package for photobleaching.

Zeiss also provides a free browser software enabling users to use their own PC computer for image export (e.g. jpg or tif) and to make simple measurements from their images.  The browser can be downloaded here.

A training session is required before users are cleared to use the equipment.  Users typically sign up a week or more in advance for 1 – 3 hour blocks of time.  Non-Lehigh users may have access to the microscope system between 8 am and 6 pm, Monday – Friday.  Lehigh users have access 24 hours per day/7 days a week.  Anyone who does not properly use and maintain the equipment will lose their access to the microscope.

For further information, or to learn how you can enhance your research with this equipment, please contact Prof. Lynne Cassimeris, 610-758-6275.


Nikon Swept Field confocal system (Iacocca, C-235A)

The Department recently acquired a Nikon LiveScan Swept Field confocal microscope scanner, equipped with diode lasers for 440, 488 and 561 nm excitation, stage incubator for temperature controlled maintenance of cells, motorized stage, Piezoelectric Z focus drive, Perfect Focus system for long term time lapse imaging, and EM CCD camera for rapid image acquisition in 2 or 3D.

A training session is required before users are cleared to use the equipment. For further information, please contact Prof. Lynne Cassimeris, 610-758-6275.


Image Printing

Photographic quality printing of images is also available.  The department maintains a a high quality digital printer, the Fujifilm Pictrography 3500.  Images must be exported from Photoshop (available on the associated computer) to the printer.


User fees apply for instrumentation use and technical support. Departmental Liaison memberships as available, which includes a reduced fee schedule. Please contact our Business Manager, Maria Brace, for more information.


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