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Focused on the Materials Future

Our Mission
To identify, promote and engage in strategic areas of research and education in advanced materials and nanotechnology that meet the needs of industry, government and students through:

interdisciplinary collaboration
productive partnerships
dedicated expertise

accessible leading edge facilities
innovative education programs


New directors named for CAMN, CPN
More than ever, meeting the challenges of technological innovation requires a meeting of minds from different fields. New leadership in two of Lehigh's most renowned technology research centers -- the Center for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology and the Center for Photonics and Nanoelectronics -- are taking heed, working together to promote key areas of collaboration while supporting ongoing work that's crucial to each center's core mission. Read more

2014 Symposium on Advanced Surface Analysis
Lehigh is hosting a half-day surface analysis symposium on Thursday, November 6, from 1-5pm. Included is a presentation by Dr. Hidde Brongersma, Professor Emeritus of Eindhoven University of Technology and the chief developer of High Resolution Low Energy Ion Scattering Spectrometry; a presentation by Dr. Henrik Bergersen of VG Scienta, speaking on X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy applications and new ambient pressure spectrometer systems; tours of the Lehigh Advanced Surface Analysis facilities; and an offer for a free analysis. Read more

2014 Nano for Business
Our 5th Nano for Business Conference...Partnering for Regional Success! Thursday, May 22, 2014 from 8:30-4:00 at Lehigh University in the Rauch Business Center . Read more

2013 Eastern PA Materials Expo
Network with industry professionals at the free 2013 Eastern PA Materials Expo, sponsored by CAMN, and celebrate ASM's 100 years of service to the materials and processing world. There will be hors d’oeuvres, a dessert tray, door prizes, and a cash bar. Read more

Date: Thursday, October 10, 2013
Time: 5:30pm - 10:00pm
Place: Holiday Inn, Breinigsville, PA (Route 100 South off Route 78)

Future Green Technologies: Challenges and Opportunities - September 6, 2013, Lehigh University
One of society’s most pressing concerns is to find ways to meet its skyrocketing energy demands. The answers to this challenge must not only be efficient -- both technically and economically -- but also limit impact on the environment. The development of advanced electricity systems – the so-called “smart grid” -- will be a key part of the solution. Read more

Microsystems Technology: Fulfilling the Promise - May 14, 2013, Gaithersburg, MD
For decades, experts have promised that microsystems technology would be a driver of industry growth and value creation. Today, when each of us has dozens of microsystems in our pockets, we know that the experts were right. What, then, is the future promise of micro- and nanotechnology? The 2013 Mid-Atlantic Micro/Nano Alliance Symposium will explore the current industrial expansion of microsystems technology and the new ideas on which tomorrow's promises will be built. Read more

RAMP Award Ceremony
PA Governor Tom Corbett was in attendance at a National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute (NAMII) event to announce the winners of the first Research for Advanced Manufacturing in Pennsylvania (RAMP) program awards. Read more

Facilities for Nanotechnology in Philadelphia
The Nanotechnology Institute, in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania, is pleased to host a workshop on Facilities for Nanotechnology. The workshop will be held on Tuesday, January 8, 2013 from 9am - 4pm EST in Philadelphia, PA. Read more

New Faculty Introduction Series
CAMN sponsored talks by Dr. Sushil Kumar, Assistant Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Dr. Chao Zhou, Assistant Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Assistant Professor of Bioengineering. Read more

International Workshop on Interfaces at Bear Creek
The premier conference took place on October 2–5, 2012. Click here for links to the program and photos.

DCED: New Investments Accelerate Technology Commercialization, Help Grow Industry Statewide
Harrisburg-- The Ben Franklin Technology Development Authority (BFTDA) approved $3.15 million in funding for five University Research Commercialization Program grants to support energy, advanced materials and nanotechnology research and development activities. Read more

Lehigh takes lead in atomic-scale interphase research
For the next five years, Martin Harmer, director of Lehigh's Center for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, will lead a team of scientists from Lehigh, Carnegie-Mellon, Clemson, Illinois and Kutztown universities to determine how the atomic structure of grain-boundary interphases—interphase complexions—affect the mechanical, electrical and thermal properties of a wide range of strategic engineering materials. Read more

Lehigh's renowned microscopy labs expand their focus
Lehigh's world-renowned Nanocharacterization Laboratory will achieve a major upgrade this year with the installation of a customized state-of-the-art scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM). The instrument will replace an advanced aberration-corrected electron microscope installed in 2004. Read more

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