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Nanoparticles for Environmental Cleanup

Nanoparticles for Environment Cleanup

Innovative remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater
Supported by NSF, EPA, US Navy, and Pennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance
Field tested at several sites
Ready for commercialization

Environmental Technologies at the Nanoscale

102A Environmental Science & Technology / March 1, 2003 (268KB PDF)

Tina Masciangioli
AAAS Envirnmental Science & Technology Policy Fellow

Wei-Xian Zhang
Lehigh University

Nanoscale Iron Particles for Environmental Remediation: An Overview (277KB PDF)

Nanoscale Iron Could Help Cleanse the Environment (173KB PDF)

Miniature Fuel Processor for H2 Delivery in Micro-fuel Cells

Ease of scalability
No recharging required
Uninterrupted operation
High energy densities
Efficiency independent power

Wide applicability in portable devices

cellular phones
hybrid/stadby power




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