Academic Support Services


Information & Forms for Faculty


The following pages highlight the services that we provide for you and our students. If you have any questions at any time, please feel free to call our office.

o   Associate Dean Katherine Lavinder, can be contacted with general student concerns, questions about university withdrawal, leave of absence, readmission, or SOS petition process.            

o   Assistant Dean Lori McClaind can be contacted with general student concerns and student transitional issues.

o   Assistant Dean Cheryl Ashcroft, with the help of Program Director Lisa Ruebeck, arranges support services for students with learning and other disabilities.

  We look forward to working with you throughout the upcoming semesters.


Section 3 Notices


Named for its position in the Rules and Procedures of the Faculty (2.2.5. Section 3), Section 3 forms should be completed if a student appears to be neglecting course work or interferes with the discipline of any courses. Please complete the electronic form available at this link:

 The student and his/her advisor will receive e-mail notification of the Section 3 notice. Students are instructed to print out the form and take it to their instructor, advisor and the Academic Support office for signatures. If students neglect the first report of the Section 3 notice, the instructor can file a second report. Students failing to react to the second report may be dropped from the course.


Mid Term Grade Reports

We have instituted a mid-term grade report process for all freshmen  and sophomore students. In mid  October and March, instructors may submit mid-term grades for their freshmen and sophomore students using Banner web for faculty (similar to entering grades at the end of the semester). Instructors will receive an email from the Provost’s Office early in October and March explaining the process and important dates. These grades are extremely important in our monitoring and advising of students. Mid-term grade reports are sent to students and parents and are accessible to students through the web for student system.

Academic Dishonesty

The Office of Student Conduct and Academic Support Services have been divided into two separate departments within the Dean of Students Office. Academic dishonesty cases or questions and concerns regarding our judicial system should be directed to Assistant Dean Chris Mulvihill (, 610-758-4159) at the Office of Student Conduct.