Support Services for Students with Disabilities

Policies and Procedures

Cross-registration & Requests for Accommodations

It is important that students be aware of all policies and procedures of the college or university at which he/she will cross register. Each institution may have different policies regarding accommodations for a specific disability. This information is available and accessible on the institution’s web page. Students requesting accommodations should be informed of the following guidelines:

Each institution reserves the right to modify previous accommodations based upon its in-house policies.

* A timely manner is contingent upon each individual case. For example, a minimum of one week is required to accommodate extended or distraction-reduced test time; a minimum of one month is required to accommodate requests that require modification of architectural barriers, interpreter services, etc. Each institution will work as diligently as possible to accommodate students.

Course Substitution Procedure for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities may petition for permission to substitute a specific course with an appropriate replacement, including a course taken on a pass/fail basis, when she/he has met all the following criteria.

Student Procedure

  1. Submit all appropriate records and documentation to the Office of Academic Support Services. Note: A Modern Language Aptitude Test or tests of auditory processing may be required if a student is petitioning an accommodation for the foreign language requirement.
  2. Submit a letter of petition attached to the petition form requesting the accommodation to the SOS committee. A copy must be delivered to the Office of Academic Support Services in order to activate the petition process.
  3. The letter of petition should include the following information: type of accommodation being requested, an explanation of the disability, how the disability affects this particular course, history of difficulty in this course of study, description of the student's good faith effort, and any recommendation from the instructor or evaluator.

General Information

For Disability-Related Grievances see Academic Resource Guide in the Student Handbook.