Support Services for Students with Disabilities

Physical Disabilities and Chronic Health Conditions

Any physical disability or chronic health condition is considered to be in the medical domain and requires expertise of a physician, neurologist, or other medical specialist with experience and expertise in the area for which accommodations are being requested. The diagnostician must be an impartial individual who is not a family member of the student. The name, title, and credentials of the qualified professional writing the report should be included.

Due to the fluctuating nature of some chronic health conditions, students may be required to provide a physician's follow up letter on an annual basis in order to determine continued eligibility to receive academic accommodations. The following guidelines are provided to assist the Office of Academic Support Services for Students with Disabilities in collaborating with each student to determine appropriate accommodations.

Documentation should include:

Further assessment by an appropriate professional may be required if co-existing learning disabilities or other disabling conditions are indicated.

Source: The Policy Book, LRP Publications, 2000