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The impact and influence of Academic Outreach is a constantly evolving process - one that requires adapting to the needs of our surrounding environment. Through this realization, we identified the following goals:

  1. Create a university Academic Outreach Council.
  2. Conduct a needs assessment of Academic Outreach at Lehigh and inventory of all existing programs.
  3. Organize school and college-based Academic Outreach programs with deans, directors, department chairs, and faculty and coordinate management and implementation of same programs.
  4. Collaborate with industry to create innovative educational opportunties.
  5. Strengthen and expand existing programs.
  6. Expand and develop experiental learning based courses for credit for undergrduate students leadership development program for undergraduates in science, engineering, technology and business.
  7. Explore the development of core pre-engineering, science and information technology programs.
  8. Explore the delivery of college courses to select high schools for select students (Distance Education).
  9. Visibility and exposure for Lehigh undergraduate recruitment. 
  10. Enhance undergraduate education.
  11. Strengthen and expand corporate, foundation, university and school partnerships.