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Student Application - Deadline is September 20, 2013

The Lehigh University S.T.A.R. Academy academic year program is an eight month program that emphasizes the importance of students being prepared - academically and non-academically - for postsecondary education. Through arts, humanities, and social sciences curriculum, students will be fully immersed in an encrishing experience consisting of instruction, discussion, and hands-on activities.

If you will be starting sixth grade or higher in the fall, complete the application below.

You and your parent/guardian will be contacted shortly regarding an admission decision. Thank you for your interest in the S.T.A.R. Program.

Student Contact Information

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If admitted, you will be paired with a college student who will be taking their time to work with you each session. You will be required to bring one hour worth of homework to work with your tutor. The dates are, Oct 12, Oct 26, Nov 16, Dec 7, Jan 18, Feb 15, Mar 22, Apr 5, and Apr 27. Are you able to commit to the program in its entirety?

Yes No

Why are you interested in participating in the program and what makes this experience a good fit for your interests? (500 characters)

Have you participated in any academic programs in the past? If yes, describe the program and what you learned form the experience? (500 characters)

Describe a time when you failed at something. What was your reaction? What was the eventual result and how did you come to it? (500 characters)

Describe your favorite learning experience in or out of the classroom? Why was this meaningful to you? (500 characters)

In your opinion, what is education important? (500 characters)

Parent Contact Information

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Additional Information


How many years has your child been with S.T.A.R. Academy?

Does your child receive free or reduced school lunches? Yes No

If admitted to the program and live in the Bethlehem City/Fountain Hill area, will our child need transportation? Yes No

Additional comments about your child you wish to share at this time? (500 characters)

Please attach a copy of your June 2013 year end report card.

Other options:

  • fax us a copy to 610-758-5940
  • mail to: Academic Outreach, 618 Brodhead Avenue, Bethlehem PA 18015




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