Lehigh University Field Camp



Lehigh Field Camp has two co-directing faculty.  From left:

Claudio Berti: Curriculum, projects and managing co-director, Geologic mapping, Tectonics and
                         Tectonic Geomorphology, motosega. website

Frank J. Pazzaglia: Curriculum, logistics, and finance co-director, Geomorphology, Active Tectonics,
                                   Sedimentology-Stratigraphy, cross-country trip and Rocky Mountain Geology. website

P.S.: this is not a uniform... it's just that we both happen to have red jackets... and green pants...

Dave Anastasio
,  Structural Geology, Tectonics, Rocky Mountain Geology, Geologic Mapping  website

Ed Evenson: Quaternary Geology, Geomorphology, and Glacial Geology,
                        Surficial Mapping, Rocky Mountain Geology.

Steve Peters: Hydrology, Environmental Science, geochemistry
                         (and excellent short-order cook!) website


Course TAs.  We typically have 3-5 graduate TAs who are instrumental in
instruction and helping run the camp.

Course TAs in 2011, from left, Julie Loisel, Ryan McKeon, Kellen Gunderson
Steve Peters (faculty) Eric Klein, Johanna Blake. 
(Not pictured here is Kate Semmens
who was also a TA for
the Idaho portion of camp in 2012).


Course TAs in 2012, from left, Allison Teletzke, Eric Klein, Kellen Gunderson, and Johanna Blake.

The Penske trucks are also a beloved part of our staff.

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