Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your facilities like?

A: This is a traveling and camping field camp.  We do not stay in fixed structures.
     However, we stay in base camps with ample running water, wood for fires,
     bathrooms, and very soft, comfortable ground.  We also have a sturdy big
     tent that we use as a classroom and shelter.


Q: Will I have to hike a lot at this camp?

A: Yes.  If you cannot hike or do not like to hike, this may not be the camp for you.
     Some days we will cover up to 1500' vertical and several kilometers hiking.


Q: I am older, or I have an old injury that will limit my ability to hike.  Is Lehigh's camp for me?

A: THAT DEPENDS ON YOU.  We hike slow and steady and do what we can to accommodate
     your condition.  If you are willing or able to cover the expected
ground at a slow, steady pace,
     Lehigh Field Camp can still be for you. If you cannot hike and make elevation every day,
     you really should be looking for other field camp options.


Q: I have dietary restrictions or I am a vegetarian, can your kitchen meet my dietary needs ?

A: We typically are able to meet most dietary restrictions including lactose intolerance, mild
     food allergies, and diabetic diets.  We cannot manage severe food allergies, such as a
     severe intolerance to peanuts and peanuts as peanut butter represent an important source
     of carbohydrates and protein for vegetarians.  We can accommodate vegetarian diets and
     in fact we frequently prepare vegetarian meals for the entire camp.  We cannot accommodate
     vegan diets, nor can we accommodate strict dietary or food-preparation restrictions such as
     those presented by Kosher diets. 


Q: What will my out of pocket expenses be?

A: That depends on your spending habits.  We have found that $150-$200 will do....but we
     have seen students spend much more. Your total out of pocket expenses depend
     much on your spending habits.


Q: Do I need top of the line camping and hiking equipment?

A: No. Basic, well made equipment can be found at good prices by several catalogue
    vendors...expensive trendy equipment from fancy showroom stores is not necessary.
    However, we have learned that high-profile, large tents do not do as well as lower-
    profile tents in windy conditions.  Refer to the suggested equipment lists provided
    for more information,


Q: Must I travel back to Lehigh when camp is completed, or can I fly home?

A:  You can fly home from Idaho Falls airport on Sunday, 01 July, 2012.  You MUST
     book a flight NOT SOONER than 11:00 AM.


Q: When will my participation in camp be confirmed?

A: We will review your application and transcript in the order it is received up to the
     application deadline of 01 February, 2012. We will contact you by email not later than
     10 February with an acceptance or rejection.  We will know soon thereafter that the
     camp is full and pass along more information at that time.  If camp is cancelled by
     us for any reason, we will refund you your money, including deposit.
    Please note the refund policy on the field camp home page. 


Q: If I am missing one of the required or suggested prerequisite courses, can I still attend?

A: We handle course deficiencies on a case by case basis.  Typically we require a written
     petition to get the ball rolling on how you can work to remove a deficiency.  Please note
     the prerequisites list on the syllabus or field camp home page.


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