D.P. Morris


Laboratory facilities include instruments listed below.  Through other labs in the EES department and Lehigh University, students and post-docs also have access to advanced analytical facilities for stable isotope analysis and electron microscopy.  Feel free to consult the web pages for Hargreaves, Peters, and Bebout (frequent collaborators) for information on their laboratory facilities.

Analytical Instruments:

Elemental analyzer and data station Carlo Erba NA1500 series 2
Gas chromatograph and data station. Shimadzu GC-8A
Gas chromatograph and data station HP 5890 series 2
HPLC System & data station Shimadzu HPLC System SPD-10AV; SCL-10A, LC-10AD
GC system with MS and peripherals 6890N Network
Nutrient analyzer and data station Lachat QuickChem FIA
Ion chromatograph and data station. ISCO/Waters
Liquid scintillation counter Wallac 1409
Total organic carbon and nitrogen  analyzer, autosampler and data station Shimadzu TOC-Vcph and TNM-1
Optical Instruments
Spectrophotometers and data stations Shimadzu UV-160U and Shimadzu UV-1601
Scanning fluorometer and data station Shimadzu RF-551
Multi-wavelength fluorometer and datalogger Turner Designs 10-AU
Multichannel fluorescence instrument and data station & flow cell Turner Designs C6
CDOM fluorometer (2) with flowcell and data station Turner Designs SCUFA
Chl-a Fluorometer Sequoia Turner Model 112
Submersible UV/PAR Radiometers (2)
Biospherical PUV-500
Fluorescence inverted microscope Olympus IMT-2
DI Water polishing unit Nanopure ultra pure water system with M2 organics removal unit

          Scanning Flurometer         

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