Parking at the Lehigh Math Contest

Unfortunately, the city (not the university) just installed meters along Packer Ave. They cost $1 per hour, and take nothing larger than quarters. They supposedly can be used up to 10 hours, but that's a lot of quarters. They can be paid using a Parknow app, which can be obtained at There are also meters in the Morton St garage (the one we use for ARML) and the garage above the Alumni Bldg, but they also must be fed on Saturdays and cost $1 per hour. A better option, in my opinion, is the Zoellner garage, which is 3 blocks east of Packard on Packer Ave. There you can park all day for $3, and can pay by credit card. Buses will be allowed to park in the lot at Brodhead & Packer if they have a Visitors Hangtag. These can be purchased from me in the contest room for $4. Without such a hang tag, cars and buses in faculty/staff lots are liable to be fined. I do not want to be in the business of selling lots of hang tags to cars that want to park in those lots. Here is a map of campus. The contest is in building 19, and the Zoellner garage is 48, at the right end of the map.