Lunch options for Lehigh math contest

While examinations are being graded, students will first have an opportunity to eat lunch on or off campus (at their own expense). As we did last year, there will be an option to prepurchase two slices of pizza and a soda for $5 which will be delivered to the lobby above the auditorium at the end of the contest. Tickets for this option will be sold in the lobby prior to the contest. This alleviates the rush to go to a restaurant and alleviates the crowding in the restaurants. After lunch, students and advisors may either participate in an informal team contest, see a humorous DVD about mathematics, or see a discussion of solutions of the exam questions. This informal team contest, which will take place in Packard Auditorium from 1:15 until nearly 2:30, does not count toward any of the awards. Teams will be formed at the event. Presentation of awards for the official contest will be made in Packard Auditorium at 2:30 PM.