27 Memorial Drive West

Bethlehem PA 18015

P: 610-758-5923

Manages projects (administrative, research, and representative efforts) including both permanent and
limited-term/special projects put forth and/or supported by the Office of the Provost. Programs/projects
include, but not limited to:

• University Awards Program
• Office of Fellowship Advising
• Faculty Dual Career Program
• management of websites for Provost and programs
• create and maintain databases and publications for programs

The Office of Fellowship Advising (OFA) assists Lehigh students who are applying for competitive national fellowships and scholarships. It publicizes opportunities, oversees the selection of candidates for awards that require university nomination and, with the assistance of fellowship advisors, guides students through the frequently complicated application procedures.


More than 500 university employees gathered in Stabler Arena each year for the annual Lehigh Appreciation Dinner. The dinner and awards ceremony celebrates the achievements of faculty and staff.

Lehigh University’s Faculty Dual Career Program - DC Connect

DC Connect offers a diverse range of services and resources to meet the needs of recruited and recently hired faculty and their trailing partners.


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