Board Members and Committees
  President: Peter Saenger (610) 682-2401,  
  Vice President: Barbara Malt  (610) 433-3451,  

Treasurer: Jon Levin (610) 366-9996,


Secretary: Joanne Sora (610) 434-4720,

Executive Board
  Betty Abrams  
  Fritz Brock  
Jack Kane  
Sue Mahan  
  Bernie Morris  
  Linda Freedman  
  Janet Farley  
Field Trips: Adam Smith  
Birdline: Dave DeReamus  
Christmas Bird Count: Steve Kloiber  
Conservation: Jon Levin  
Education: Jack Kane, Barbara Malt, Jon Levin  
  Habitat: Scott Burnet  
Membership: Jack Kane  
Programs: Janet Hague Farley  
Newsletter: Chris Hugosson,  
Public Information: Sue Mahan, Chair (print media); Barbara Malt (webpage)  
Social: Betty Abrams  
B.O.L.V.V.: Peter Saenger, Chair; Barbara Malt, Kevin Crilley  
Records: Linda Freedman  
  Ways and Means: Dennis Glew  
  Youth: Chad Schwartz  
Board Meetings and Getting Involved
The board meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m., excluding June and July. We are always looking for volunteers to join committees and help with our activities. We are especially in need of people to assist with educational activities such as helping to staff tables at festivals. If you would like to get involved, contact any board member and make arrangements to attend a board meeting.