Math 23 Policy Statement Spring 2005

1. Text: Stewart, Calculus, Early Transcendentals, Fifth Edition. Selected portions of Chapters 12 through 16 will be covered.

2&3. Instructor & Teaching Assistant: See Staff Information.

4. Attendance and Homework: Attendance is required in class. Homework will be assigned in each class period. A portion of these assigned problems will be identified as homework to be handed-in, and will be collected once each week, usually on Fridays. Your TA will grade 4-5 problems from each weekly assignment, and your homework average will count for 100 points of your grade. No late homework will be accepted, even for excused absences, but your average will be computed after dropping your two lowest scores. The only reason two scores will be dropped is to allow for absences.

5. Quizzes: There will also be 100 points for in-class quizzes, which may be given in both the lecture and the recitations. These quizzes will be taken from the assigned homework (perhaps with minor numerical changes). Again, there will be no make-up quizzes, and your average will be computed after dropping your (at least the) two low scores.

6. Maple: Some of the homework problems (marked with an M) require the use of the computer algebra system Maple. This program is available at public sites across campus, and on-campus residents can down-load a copy for their own computer. Complete instructions will be given. Problems marked with a C can be done either with a calculator or with Maple.

7. Exams: There will be two 4 o'clock exams, which count for 100 points each. The dates of these exams are Thursday, February 17 and Tuesday, April 5. There will also be a final exam, which counts for 200 points, and will be scheduled by the Registrar. Exams will be based on assigned homework (complete).

8. Grades: Grades are based on your score out of the above 600 points. You must score 90\% or above to be assured of an A-; \ 80\% for a B-; \ 70\% for a C-; and above 60\% for a D-.

9. Blackboard: Course information and updates will be available on a course information page. Open your favorite web browser (_ie_ or netscape/mozilla) and type in which will open Blackboard. Click on _login_ and enter your network Id and password (the ones used for email).