Searching the internet for information is easy with online tools called search engines. Search engines can access multitudes of information 24 hours a day. Just type in a keyword to use a search engine. The search engine uses these keywords to seek out the information that you are looking for in an Internet database. The search engine will return with a list of related Internet links in an ordered list. The closest matches will be located at the top of this list.

Tip: Each search engine may have hints for narrowing your search. For instance, if you type SCIENCE EDUCATION you may get back every page that contains science and every page that contains education. Typing "SCIENCE EDUCATION" or SCIENCE+EDUCATION may narrow it down to pages about science education.


Yahooligans is a Web guide made specifically for kids. Contains many good educational resources for teachers and students.


This search engine does it all! In addition to searching the Web, this search engine scans Usenet newsgroups, and has a NewsTracker that seeks out information from over 300 magazines and newspapers. Excite also has a searchable index of web-reviewed sites on the Internet. Excite also offers an e-mail look-up, a people finder, and Internet yellow pages.

MIMS Hub Internet Database

MIMS Hub, Midalands Improving Math and Science, has a great science and math database!! You will find over 500 annotated math and science resources on the web. The annotations are written by teachers for teachers. The math and science resources are divided into 19 categories. The database can either be searched by category or by key word.

Beaucomp! Reference/Language/Literature/Education/Schools

This web site links to a variety of search engines of educational resources that are useful for a K-12 educator.

All-in-One Search Page

This site is a compilation of various forms-based search engine tools found on the Internet. They have been combined here to provide a consistent interface and convenient ALL-IN-ONE search point.

Savvy Search

Savvy Search links to more than a dozen Internet search engines, including Alta Vista, Inktomi, Lycos, Yahoo, Excite, and more. All search engines are searched in real-time directly through this service. This makes it easy to use multiple search engines in the least amount of time. Enter your keywords, and Savvy Search sends them to all of the engines at the same time.

Alta Vista Internet Search

Alta Vista gives you access to the largest Web index on the Internet. Natural language searches are accepted (i.e., "What is the capital of Pennsylvania?").

Wired's HotBot

HotBot boasts an enormous index of millions of documents on the Web. It offers customizable searches by media type, date, and location. This search engine is one of the fastest on the Internet.


This engine searches by document title and content. Offers reviews of many sites on the Internet.


Yahoo is a "topic-oriented" search engine of a large web resource database. It includes a small search engine to help you find things listed within it.


This search engine, originally developed by Carnegie Mellon University, will allow you to search document titles and content. Its index includes ftp and gopher information.


Magellan allows you to search for your topics in a variety of ways. You can search all sites on the Internet, Magellan's reviewed and rated Internet sites, or just Green Light sites. Green Light sites have been found to be free of "adult" material.



Northern Light Search



Virtual Search Engines

Find How - The How-To Search Engine




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