Selected Informal Education WWW Sites


The Exploratorium web site contains a collection of virtual interactive exhibits, presentations, activities, and science news from the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco, California.

NASA Information Services

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Homepage is the world's most comprehensive web site dealing with space and space exploration. Beware: This site is extensive and you can find yourself spending many hours in awe looking at space photos and learning about the many famous NASA missions. This site has some of the most impressive graphics and quicktime movies on the web!

Discovery Channel Online

Discovery Channel Online is a fantastic web magazine for all people interested in science and technology. New articles are put online daily. A great enrichment resource for all science classrooms.

Hands-On Science Centers World Wide

Hands-On Science Centers World Wide lets you visit a long list of science museums virtually!

Smithsonian Institution

The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC is the Nation's attic online. The Space and Science Museum and the Natural History Museum may be of particular interest.

National Geographic Online

This site provides many different types of resources. The main features of the magazine are online. The site also offers activities geared to younger children and information about the National Geographic Society. The Resources section will be useful for both students and teachers. Students can research topics such as environmental issues, careers, and famous biologists. Teachers can find lesson plans for environmental issues.

North Carolina Museum of Life and Science

This is the home page of the North Carolina Museum of Life and Science. The site contains information on museum exhibits and attractions.

Science Adventures: The Guide to Informal Science Centers

Science Museum of Minnesota

You Can With Beakman and Jax

This website has engaging at-home science experiments and science links.

Science Friday

Science Friday is a National Public Radio program for people interested in current science issues. The program menu allows one to listen to the weekly program, read questions related to the program, and get suggestions for further study.

Newton's APPLE

Newton's APPLE is a long-running PBS science show. The site is not very fancy, but surfing through the episodes will yield some excellent home science activities.

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Bill Nye the Science Guy is a Disney science TV show. One can read today's episode and research previous episodes. A current news portion includes science news and science of sports sections. A daily demo safe for kids to do is related to the news or the current episode. Film clips and sounds of science involve downloading files.

Scientific American Frontiers

This site offers a forum where you can post your opinion about one of the shows. Teachers can get teacher guides to each show and also access online activity based on each show. There is a "related links" section which offers hyper text links for each show of the season. Students can post questions to the scientists involved in each show.

PBS TeacherSource

This site includes lesson plans and activities for incorporating PBS programming into classroom curriculum.


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