GIS Environmental Education

This Web site is a product of a growing assemblage of people from local, state, and private sector organizations in North Carolina working together to make local and statewide environmental data more readily available and usable by teachers, students, and the general public. The consortium aims to enhance environmental education by enabling teachers and students, as well as the general public, to access North Carolina environmental data using geographic information systems (GIS). Projects include the Upper Neuse Regional Data System, NC River Basins, and Acid Rain Across America.

Upper Neuse Regional Data System

This Web-based interactive database contains numerous layers of socioeconomic data, natural resource collection, and environment data. Users can, explore, create, query, and print maps displaying information about the Upper Neuse Region in North Carolina.

NC River Basins

GIS Web-based data that can be used to explore environmental parameters in North Carolina's river basins.

Acid Rain Across America

GIS Web-based data that can be used to identify patterns pertaining to acid rain sources.

NC State's Web-Based GIS

Links to interactive GIS mapping at NC State University.

Georgia GIS Data Clearinghouse

This Web site contains a collection of Web-based thematic maps depicting a wide variety of economic and demographic variables for the State of Georgia and 3-Dimensional maps depicting a variety of physiographic and demographic characteristics of Georgia using Virtual Reality Modeling language (VRML).

Keeping an Eye on Ozone

This activity from KanCRN uses GIS applets to display ground level ozone pollution from student collected data.

MABLE/Geocorr Geographic Correspondence Engine

This application allows you to access the MABLE geographic data base and to generate custom "correlation lists" as reports and/or files.

MapObjects Internet Map Server

A collection of Web-based GIS maps from ESRI.

HTI Topographic Maps

Enter your location and create an interactive raster map on the Web.

ESRI Schools and Libraries section

Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc. (ESRI) is the source of GIS software packages such as ArcView, ArcVoyager, and ArcExplorer.

GPS World Online

GPS World Online is the online version of a magazine with interesting articles and product information.

Amazing Satellite Images

Amazing satellite images from the US Geological Survey.


ESRI provides internet map demos.

GIS Lesson

The US Geological Survey has a lesson in GIS.

Historic Land Use Maps

The US Geological Survey has land use maps for 1790-1992.

Ligon Middle School GIS course

Ligon Middle School in Raleigh, NC uses GIS for a multidisciplinary course.

Exploring Earthquakes in Space and Time Through the Internet and a Geographic Information System

This module contains an exercise in which students are asked to examine the frequency and distribution of earthquake epicenters and compare these epicenters to the distribution of plate boundaries and cities. Students download earthquake epicenters for the last several days and for an entire year from the Internet, map the information using ArcView geographic information system (GIS), and analyze the patterns that become evident.

Water on the Web (WOW) Interactive Maps

WOW provides high school and undergraduate students with an opportunity to learn science, mathematics, and technology while using near real-time and archived water quality data to monitor Minnesota lakes over the Internet.


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