Ecology WWW Page

The Ecology WWW Place is an extensive database of ecology sites on the Internet. An excellent resource for teachers, students, and researchers.


EcoNet serves organizations and individuals working for environmental preservation and sustainability. Contains an environmental issue resource center with many informational links to a variety of ecology-related Web sites.


EE-Link is a gopher and WWW site for environmental education. Lots of lesson plans and K-12 teacher resources. Topics include air and water quality, climate change, ecosystems, energy, plants, animal, toxins, and waste management. Teaching materials from various organizations are posted here, including audiovisual and software references. This site has it all for the K-12 classroom.

Envirolink Library

The EnviroLink Library is a very comprehensive resource for environmental information on the Internet. This Web site is well organized, with information listed by subject and broad categories.

Illinois Natural History Survey

The highlights of this site include centers for biodiversity, wildlife ecology, aquatic ecology, and economic entomology. This site contains good K-12 education resources for educators and their students.

Journey North

Journey North is an interactive ecology web site that tracks the migrations of the following animals: Bald Eagle, Lesser Long-Nosed Bat, Caribou, Loggerhead Sea Turtle, Common Loon, Monarch Butterfly, Northern Oriole, Peregrine Falcon, American Robin, Humpback Whale, and Northern Right Whale.

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

The SCDNR web site is an excellent resource for an ecology class. Learn all about a variety of topics ranging from wildlife management to endangered species.

Texas Environmental Center

This site contains Texas environmental information including pollution, water quality resources, documentaries, and more! The highlight of this web site is an Internet magazine featuring profiles and perspectives on student environmental endeavors. Teacher lesson plans on ecology topics are also found at this site.

The Butterfly Website

Just about everything that you ever wanted to know about butterflies can be found here. Great graphics of butterflies. This is a good site to learn about the ecology of butterflies.

The GLOBE Program -
Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment


Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) is a worldwide network of students, teachers, and scientists working together to study and understand the global environment. Students conduct an array of measurements and observations at their schools and share their data via the Internet with other students and scientists around the world to detail an environmental picture of the globe. An excellent way for your students to contribute data to a unique ecology project on the Internet.

US Environmental Protection Agency

This is the homepage for the US Environmental Protection Agency. An excellent ecology resource to learn about environmental policies and management.

Water Quality and Societies

Societies is a great interdisciplinary unit that combines math and science for intermediate school age students. Excellent curricula and lesson plans that can be incorporated into a math or ecology middle school classroom.


The WhaleNet website is dedicated to education while focusing on whales and marine research. "WhaleNet is a unique interdisciplinary, hands-on, collaborative telecomputing project to foster excitement and learning about the natural world in schools across the nation and around the globe." An excellent ecology resource for K-12 science classes. Check out "Saving Whales with DNA" and the dataset in S.T.O.P. - "Satellite Tagging Observation Program." Good classroom lesson plans and curricular materials using datasets.

Amazing Environmental Organization Web Directory

This site advertises itself as the "Earth's Biggest Environmental Search Engine." It gives you a choice of typing in your own search topic or choosing from the broad topic folders already listed. Example: Opening the animals folder gives you more folders to choose from eventually giving you information or contacts. Also included is a folder on education which contains many resources, including a listing of environmental education products, some of which are free. If you can think of a topic, you will probably find the information at this web site. The site is easy to navigate and could be used by both students and teachers.

Coral Forest

Homepage for a "nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting coral reef ecosystems through education in action." Links include a map showing location of reefs throughout the world, beautiful pictures, and sample lesson plans.

USGS Science for a Changing World

This site includes Fact Sheets on 28 Coastal and Marine Geology projects. The projects are very diverse. The information could be used in any 9-12 science classroom . This information would be good for demonstrating the relevance of science in everyone's life. Some fact sheets have to do with energy sources and economic impact of environmental disasters. Each fact sheet includes graphics and projects. There is nothing interactive here, but the information could be the basis for other student work.

Birds: Our Environmental Indicators

Ten complete step-by-step online activities for junior high students. Pre and post assessment, interest extensions, student labs, and additional ideas for projects. EE-link for environmental issues studying birds mainly in the Great Lake Region.

Water on the Web (WOW)

WOW provides high school and undergraduate students with an opportunity to learn science, mathematics, and technology while using near real-time and archived water quality data to monitor Minnesota lakes over the Internet.

The US Global Change Research Information Office - Global Change and Environmental Education Resources
This site gives educators and students (grades K-12) a chance to explore a wide variety of resources related to global climate change and other environmental education topics. This collection of resources is both multidisciplinary and international in scope making it the perfect tool to help analyze environmental issues on a large scale from various perspectives.

Monarch Watch
Monarch Watch is an educational outreach program giving students, teachers, volunteers, and researchers the chance to get involved with several ongoing research projects all dedicated to the study of the Monarch butterfly. Classrooms can choose to tag Monarchs, monitor larva, study Monarch size and mass, study Monarch flight patterns, or track Monarch migration. This site also provides students and educators with a multimedia gallery, reading gallery, and tips on how to start your own butterfly garden.

Global Rivers Environment Education Network
This website is designed to provide students with a place to store their water monitoring data, track their water monitoring projects, and access educational resources needed to successfully implement a school-based water monitoring program. The Web site also allows others to view data posted for comparison.

Sea Turtle Survival League
Track the migration path of different Sea Turtles using animated, interactive maps, adopt a turtle, download classroom activities, or contribute to discussion boards. The opportunities for both students and educators to get involved in real-time research projects centered around Sea Turtles is endless.

EPA's Explorer's Club
Learn more about different aspects of the environment by engaging in activities about air, water, waste & recycling, ecosystems, health & safety, and environmental issues affecting your neighborhood. In addition to the abundance of interactive resources, this EPA site offers elementary, middle, and high school students many opportunities to take action and become involved in different service learning projects.

Office of Environmental Education - North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources
This Web site offers educators a variety of resources including information regarding environmental education field sites, support materials to facilitate hands-on learning in the classroom, information concerning professional development, elementary school resources, and middle school resources. The site also provides links to environmental education activities covering topics such as river basins and wetlands, topography, wetlands, biodiversity, ecology, groundwater, climate, soil, recycling, conservation, wildlife, water pollution, nature cycles, and airsheds. This site also contains a Web page devoted to links which help educators access environmental data in order to enrich student instruction. Examples include access links to Interactive Map Servers, NC Geographic Information Systems, and other inquiry-based learning activities that use environmental data.

Europe's first educational Web site for the conservation and biology of sea turtles offers students the chance to learn more about the anatomy of sea turtles, use satellite tracking to follow sea turtle migration, and to work as a conservationist at a virtual field station in the Mediterranean Sea. This site is also great for educators looking for printable resource materials such as outlines, diagrams, & identification keys to supplement a unit on sea turtles.

The Virtual Field Trip Site
This site is dedicated to providing free, high-quality field trips for the K-12 classroom. Choose from any of the pre-listed science field trips including a visit to Antarctica or the Rainforest or create your own. Each trip also provides teachers with valuable resources such as corresponding lesson plans and study guides.

Population Connection
This site provides educators with resources to teach students (grades K-12) about the growing threat of overpopulation. This site also offers the chance to learn how to take action and stabilize the world population at a level that can be sustained by Earth's resources. A great resource for real-time facts and data concerning population number on a national and worldwide scale.

How do we handle the disposal of solid waste, hazardous waste, or sewage? This Web site provides information on how the United States currently disposes of these types of waste and provides students with sustainable waste management options including ideas on waste reduction and recycling.

The Scorecard
This site allows students to generate a pollution report for their community based on Toxic Chemical Releases, Air Quality, Water Quality, Agriculture, and Environmental Justice. Using an interactive map, students just enter their zip code and receive a full scorecard indicating the environmental quality of their area.

Environmental News Network
What's making environmental news? To answer this question use this Web site to read the latest environmental headlines, test your environmental knowledge by taking interactive quizzes and polls, interact with others by searching for environmental legislation, write to the media or elected officials, or participate in an online forum.

Especially for Kids
This site gives students (grades K-12) the opportunity to learn more about oil spills and hazardous chemical accidents. There are several links for project ideas, experiments, and demonstrations. In addition, links are provided to help students write reports and search other outside resources.

Students as Scientists - Pollution Prevention Through Education
Students as Scientists focuses on water quality issues related to North Carolina rivers. The site offers classroom students the opportunity to particpate in water quality monitoring. Students can compare their results to those of environmental scientists and to the results of other students in the state. This site also includes a map of the major NC river basins.

The ERP NC Hog Site
Whole Hog is an online educational resource designed to help teachers and students explore the environmental, health, social, political and economic impacts of the North Carolina hog industry. The Whole Hog activities encourage critical thinking skills. The site is composed of five different areas including a Teacher's Guide room which contains information pertinent to lesson planning, a Multimedia Resource room which contains written materials, audiovisuals, etc, a Let's Get Started room which offers direct links to one of three lesson plans, a Games, Puzzles, and Activities room which provides links to activities related to Whole Hog, and a Stewardship room which provides suggestions for how students can take environmental action steps related to the Whole Hog lessons..

Salmon Conflict Investigations
Students will develop essential critical thinking skills as they engage in a case study to try and find a solution that will help the salmon population recover while satisfying the needs of industry. Several links are available within the site to help students in their investigation.

Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change
This site provides a wealth of factual reports, data and commentary on the scientific quest to determine the climatic and biological consequences of rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. The site publishes journal articles and editorials in addition to disseminating information concerning world temperatures, U.S. climate data, plant growth data, and carbon sequestration. In addition, this site provides online instructions for educators on how to conduct CO2 enrichment and depletion experiments at home or in the classroom.

US EPA Environmental Education Center
This EPA (Environmnetal Protection Agency) site provides educators with links to curriculum resources, background information on different environmental topics, and other quality environmental information sites. In addition, the site provides links to programs and financial resources to help teachers and students become recognized for their hard work and good ideas. There are also links to several community service learning projects to help students apply what they learn in the classroom to real life. The site is an excellent resource to help point students toward internships and careers in the environmental science field.


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