Other Projects

Exploring Life Evaluation

Iwas the Primary Investigator for a National Science Foundation funded Web-integrated high school biology program published by the Prentice-Hall School Group, a division of Pearson Education, called Exploring Life. The curriculum is based on the National Science Education Standards and emphasizes an active, constructivist learning program that integrates interactive, Web-based instructional media. Our NSF funding supported the formative and summative evaluation of the curriculum, and measure dhow well it helps students meet the Standards, and impacted student attitudes toward science. This curriculum utilizes the interactivity of the World Wide Web, the storytelling abilities of a short textbook, and an inquiry-based program of "wet" labs and fieldwork. This Web site contains information about the NSF evaluation project.


LEO - The Lehigh Earth Observatory

The Lehigh Earth Observatory (LEO), has a broad charge to monitor and study earth and environmental systems and the ways in which these systems interact with human society. The observatory is dedicated to active observation of natural phenomena, to archiving information about the earth and its environmental systems, to analyzing that information, and to communicating effectively the results of its observations and studies to users whose activities impact the earth. LEO provides a mechanism to engage students in the study of the earth and its environment.