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Please select one program from the list below. If you need assistance or further clarification about a particular program, contact the Women's Center.

Bystander Intervention

  • Bystander intervention is an area that we are committed to and passionate about enhancing within the Lehigh community. With new and dynamic programming, this concept empowers students to be proactive when confronting issues of sexism, sexual assault, relationship abuse, stalking, and harassment. Using the powerful intervention program RESPONSE ABILITY, Break the Silence, is equipped to assist students in feeling empowered to take action and intervene on behalf of their values and beliefs.

Sexual Harassment

  • Dos and dont's
  • Case studies
  • How to report
  • Optional:Activity explores the continuum of sexual harassment

Demystifying Reporting

  • How to report
  • Confidentiality and its limits
  • Myths ws. facts

Diversity of Survivors

  • Myths vs. facts
  • Unique considerations for men, LGBT individuals, survivors of color, child sexual abuse survivors, and more

Men and masculinites

  • Gender box
  • Hypermasculinityand groupthink
  • Activity: Real Man vs. Strong Man

Campus Rape Culture & FAQs: What you Always Wanted to Know About Sexual Assault

  • Myths and facts
  • Activity on gender stereotypes
  • Bystander intervention
  • Risk reduction
  • Consent
  • Rape drugs
  • How to help a friend
  • What men can do
  • Optional: Activity explores the continuum of sexual violence

Love Doesn’t Have to Hurt: Relationship Violence

  • Warning signs
  • Cycle of violence
  • Power and control
  • Optional: Activity explores the difficulty of leaving an abusive relationship

I’ll be Watching You: Stalking and Harassment

  • Romanticization or downplaying of dangerous behaviors
  • Online safety
  • How to respond
  • Campus and community resources

Here, There, Everywhere: Representations of Violence Against Women in Popular Culture

  • Movies
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Advertisements

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Gender Violence Prevention and Response