Library and Technology Services (LTS)

At Lehigh University, Library and Technology Services (LTS) is the organization that provides services related to technology and libraries to the campus community.  The services provided to Lehigh students are quite extensive, some of the major areas include the campus network, computer accounts, library research, software and technology assistance.   A complete catalog of the services offered can be found on our main page:

Student and Technology Repair Services (STARS)

The STAR Services Team serves as a technology consultant for Lehigh students. The team consists of a full-time staff person and 30 student Technology Consultants who are trained to assist with a variety technology-related problems. The  Program staffs a service area known as the STAR Desk where students can drop off their computers to have problems worked on.

Tasks we can assist with include:

  • Making recommendations on new computer purchases
  • Network connection problems (wired and wireless)
  • Virus/malware removal
  • Data backup and recovery from failing hard drives
  • Hardware troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting operating system issues (Windows and Mac)

Contact Information

Phone: 610-758-2666

LTS Help Desk

    The LTS Help Desk is the first place students go to for technology and library assistance.   Help Desk staff are able to field questions about all aspects of LTS services.  Issues/questions not resolvable by the Help Desk are referred on to the proper areas of LTS for a speedy resolution.   Information about the LTS Help Desk can be found at:

Contact Information

Phone: 610-758-HELP

New Students

All new students should visit the STARS website at to learn about what computer and technology services are available. New students should pay particular attention to the following documents on the site:

2017 Technology Program Brochure

A short introduction to the services available to students and the computing devices they bring.

Computer Recommendations for Students

Detailed information about the minimum hardware/software requirements for computers as well as which brands/models Lehigh recommends for purchase. Lehigh recommended brands and models are eligible for on-campus hardware repair service (in-warranty and out-of-warranty). For those students looking to purchase a new computer there are links to vendor pages with discounted pricing.

Preparing and Securing your computer for use @ Lehigh

Whether you already have a computer or are purchasing a new one it is important to prepare it for use at Lehigh in order to keep it secure and running smoothly. This document lists 9 best practices, that if followed will greatly reduce your chance of experiencing a catastrophic problem while at Lehigh.

12 Essential LTS Services Every Student Should Know

Library and Technology Services (LTS) provides each student with many technology-related services with which to do complete their coursework.   Check out this list for a brief description of 12 of the most important and most used ones.   Knowing about and being familiar with these services will benefit new students greatly when coming to Lehigh. 

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STAR Services at Lehigh provides technical support, troubleshooting, and consulting services for students and their personal computers at Lehigh. From simple wireless setup and assistance with Lehigh online services to virus removal and software reinstallation to hardware repair referrals and everything in between, STARS is the first place for students to find help. In addition to two full-time staff, STARS employs, trains, and manages a fully-capable team of student consultants that provide assistance at the STARS desk as well as on-site support for students living on-campus.