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For today's college student a personal computer is an indispensable tool and a key to success in coursework. The WIRED Program at Lehigh provides technical support, troubleshooting, and consulting services for students and their personal computers. From simple wireless setup and assistance with Lehigh online services, to virus removal and software reinstallation, to troubleshooting hardware repair and everything in between, WIRED is the first place for students to find help.

WIRED Web Site

The WIRED Web site was recently revamped in order to provide a quick, concise guide to WIRED services, how to get assistance when you need it, how to get your computer setup at Lehigh, accessing Lehigh services, new computer purchase advice and recommended brands/models including which brands/models are supported for hardware repair, and more. There is a section dedicated to new students where you can find answers to frequently asked questions.

Our Services

The WIRED Program has a team of trained student consultants who are available for on-campus appointments to work on a variety of problems. The WIRED Program also staffs a service area known as the WIRED Desk where students can drop off their computers to have problems worked on.

Problems we can assist with include:

New Students

If you are planning on purchasing a new computer you should read over the Computer Purchase and Repair section on the WIRED website. Students who bring a recommended brand/model computer to campus are eligible to receive in/out-of-warranty hardware repair services from Lehigh technicians.