Vista OEM Install Disk

The Vista OEM install disk contains all 4 versions of Vista, updated with SP1 and the subsequent updates.  This disk will work on any computer that came with a version of Vista pre-installed.  It will not work on older computers that came with Windows XP pre-installed. 


1.    Boot from the DVD, when prompted to enter the Product Key leave the field blank and uncheck the Automatic activation box.

2.    When prompted to enter the version to install select the version that was pre-installed on the computer.  You can tell which version came with the computer by looking for the Microsoft OEM sticker on the bottom of the laptop.
Note: Do not choose the versions of Vista that have an “N” after the name.  They are for special computers and won’t work. 

3.    When Vista has finished installing the Windows Post Install Wizard will run.  It will first launch a DOS program called the OEM Certificate Installer.  Select the version of Vista you installed and the necessary Product Key will be installed.  Next select the Manufacturer of the computer and the proper certificate will be installed.   Once completed Vista should be properly activated.

Be sure to check that Vista is properly activated!

Once the Certificate installed has finished the Windows Post Install Wizard will install the WIRED Client, MS Office 2007 and several other applications and registry tweaks.