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Lehigh University Study Abroad: Programs

Lehigh faculty have reviewed and approved over approximately 200 programs worldwide in order to provide you high-quality educational opportunities inside and outside the classroom. 

The diversity of program/university locations and disciplinary focuses helps ensure that whatever your academic, personal, and professional goals, there's a Lehigh-approved program for you. 

Each affiliate program/university provides academic opportunities that fit with Lehigh majors and minors, and allow for a high degree on integration into local culture and life.  Housing options abroad vary depending on the location, host country language and your academic preparation.

The Lehigh Abroad Faculty Policy Board, consisting of faculty representatives from each College, approves the programs in which Lehigh students may enroll for Lehigh credit. Students may petition to the Policy Board if no approved program meets their needs.  Students must attend a Lehigh approved program or a program that has been approved through the petition process. All programs listed on this page are approved.

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