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We know you had an amazing adventure abroad -- now what?  Returning from abroad may seem like an end to a journey, but it does not have to be. How can you adjust to your life back at Lehigh, share your stories and travel advice, utilize the new skills you developed overseas, and re-live and build upon your time abroad?


Attend a 2nd (or 3rd) abroad program!
Meet with a study abroad advisor to discuss additional opportunities to add another experience to your resume!

Meet new people
Going abroad is not the only way to meet people from other countries.   Lehigh’s population is made up of international undergraduate and graduate students.  E-mail Jeanne Ma, the International Student Advisor, to get involved with international events on campus.

Join a club or student organization, maintain your language skills
Whether you traveled to China or France, Lehigh’s Global Union has a number of student clubs and organizations to join. In addition to student groups, they also offer language exchanges. Contact the Global Union http://www.lehigh.edu/~inglobal/ to find out how you can get involved.

Expand your horizons
Attend lectures on campus by renowned foreign and domestic leaders, new ethnic restaurants, go to the 19th St. movie theater in Allentown for a foreign film, take advantage of trips that professors organize.  Now that you have seen life outside the bubble, don’t turn back.  Take time to look around at all Lehigh and the local community have to offer!

Serve as an Abroad Ambassador
Abroad Ambassadors are study abroad returnees who are passionate about their education abroad experience and are willing to actively share their insight and expertise with fellow students around campus.

Join the Lehigh Study Abroad Peer Contact Network
Be a resource for future Lehigh students by joining the Peer Contact Network so that future students can benefit from your firsthand knowledge.




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