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Lehigh University Study Abroad: Lehigh in Prague




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May 20 to June 20, 2015
(Depart USA on May 20; depart Prague on June 20)


Prof. Jim Hall
Department of Accounting



* A limited number of $500-$1,500 need-based scholarships are also available. Applications will be evaluated according to a student's financial need and an essay describing the possible significance of this experience to their academic and professional development. 2014 Deadlines are posted on the 2014 Travel Grant Application.

$6,500 (tentative) - This includes tuition for six credits, double occupancy room for the nights of the program and breakfast.  The program cost also includes the use of the Komenskeho Kolej facilities and group activities.  Not included are airfare, local travel, meals other than breakfast, laundry, personal expenses, personal weekend travel or other costs such as extra nights lodging and meals due to unforeseen events.



Prague is at the center of the country which has most successfully and peacefully weathered the transition to a market-based economic system.  With the return of many state owned enterprises to private ownership and management, Prague’s transformation provides a living laboratory of new economic activity.   This city of 1.5 million people (and reportedly thousands of American business people) is vibrantly alive as global commerce thrives in an ancient center of business and art as buildings are restored, entrepreneurs explore new markets and citizens interact freely with visitors and potential customers from all of Europe and the world.  Prior to WWII Czechoslovakia was among the top 10 industrialized nations of the world, ahead of France. The Czech Republic was a leader in precision manufacturing and innovative design throughout its Communist era.

Fortunately, for those loving cultural and historical adventures, Prague was one of the least damaged major European cities during WWII.  The movie Amadeus was filmed here because of the number of buildings remaining from the late 17th century.  The restored opera house in which Mozart premiered ‘Don Giovanni’ in the 1787 is in daily use.  The museums, concert halls, public buildings, castles, palaces and cathedrals—as well as the cultural events within their walls—offer a multitude of opportunities to experience Prague’s rich heritage. 


Our planned departure is May 20, 2015 (tentative) from Newark International Airport. The students are responsible for booking their own travel arrangements.  Students will be notified of the professors’ flight information and are strongly encouraged to travel on the same flight as professors.  Given that some students remain in Europe after the program, flight arrangements should be made as soon as possible. The cost of the flight is not included in the total program price.

Our  dormitory is run by Charles University (founded in 1348) and is located on a tram line that connects to the Metro, Prague’s subway system.  Historical sites, shopping streets, restaurants, theaters, concert halls and jazz clubs are conveniently available.  Given the central location of Prague, weekend travel to other European destinations is possible by bus, rail, or discount airline. 

Komenskeho Kolej is a dormitory owned by Charles University, the oldest university in Central Europe founded in 1348.  Double occupancy rooms, including breakfast, will be reserved for the nights of May 21, 2015 to June 20, 2015 (tentative). Usually, two or three bedrooms share a bathroom and kitchenette (refrigerator but no stove).  Linens are included. A laundromat is on the tramline and offers Lehigh students discounted prices. 

*For maximum flexibility, no additional meals are included in the package.  Inexpensive (about $10 and up) meals are available in snack bars, pubs, “fast food” franchises and restaurants.


Professor Jim Hall (jah0@lehigh.edu) is the Peter E. Bennett Chair in Business and Economics and the Co-Director of the Computer Science and Business (CSB) program.  He teaches accounting information systems, internal controls, and IT auditing.

Professor Dick Barsness (rwb0@lehigh.edu) has many years of international business education experience in Europe and Asia.  He is a Professor Emeritus of Management. He teaches Strategic Management and International Business.

Professor Sharon Kalafut (smk5@lehigh.edu) is a Professor of Practice in the Computer Science and Engineering Department. She teaches Java and C++ programming languages and is the teaching advisor for the CSB (Computer Science and Business) senior projects.

Professor Heibatollah Sami (hes205@lehigh.edu) is a Professor in the Accounting Department. He teaches financial accounting and reporting.



All coursework for Lehigh in Prague has a prerequisite of Economics 1.

ALL students are required to take CSB 314: International Practicum (3 credits) & a choice of ONE of the following courses:

Management 372-11 or Economics 371-10: International Business in an Integrated Europe (3 credits)

An analysis of strategic and operational responses by international firms to European political and economic integration and adoption of the Euro currency. Student project teams will analyze the transition process currently underway in key European industries and firms. Project report, presentation, and discussion. This course is a free elective but does not apply towards the management major. This course must also be paired with CSB 314.

CSE 252: Computers, the Internet and Society (3 credits)

An interactive exploration of the current and future role of computers, the Internet, and related technologies in changing the standard of living, work environments, society and its ethical values. Privacy, security, depersonalization, responsibility, and professional ethics; the role of computer and internet technologies in changing education, business modalities, collaboration mechanisms, and everyday life. (SS) This course must also be paired with CSB 314.

ACCT 315: Intermediate Accounting (3 credits)

Intensive study of the basic concepts and principles of financial accounting, emphasizing the problems of fair presentation of an entity's financial position, operating results and cash flows. Understanding of the conceptual framework of accounting, review of the accounting process, and recognition, measurement, valuation and disclosure of current assets, fixed assets, and intangibles. Problem-solving skills and critical analysis are stressed. (SS) This course must also be paired with CSB 314.

Additional Prerequisite: Accounting 152

For detailed course descriptions, CLICK HERE


  • All students must register for two courses (6 credits).
  • Courses are taught in English by Lehigh faculty. Knowledge of the Czech language is not required.
  • Profs. Hall, Barsness, Kalafut, and Sami will decide those students accepted and supervise internships. If necessary, a prioritized waiting list will be established.
  • Economics, Management, and Accounting course enrollments may be balanced based on when the registration is submitted.


Please note that this program meets three times during the Spring 2015 semester for mandatory orientation sessions: February 19, March 19, and April 21, 2015.

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