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Lehigh University Study Abroad: Policies-Credit Transfers-Lu Faculty Led

A $200 non-refundable deposit, plus a $50 application fee, is due at the time of application payable by check (made payable to Lehigh University) or credit card. Deposits should be submitted to the Bursar’s office only. Upon acceptance into the program, the balance of the program cost will be billed with full payment due by the date on the invoice.  The deposit is transferable to another program running concurrent with the program to which the student applied; however, it is not transferable to a program running during a different year or a different term.  The only circumstances under which a deposit will be refunded is if the student is not accepted into the program by the program’s director(s) or if the program gets canceled due to an insufficient amount of participants.

Once a student applies to a study abroad program, the student is deemed to agree to enroll in the program for which the student applied, if the student’s application is accepted.  Program directors may elect to require interviews, written statements, or both, before making the decision to accept a student.

Refer to program brochure for the cost of the program.  Billing will occur as usual, with tuition bills coming from the Lehigh University Bursar’s Office.  All tuition payment policies apply.

Graduate students are eligible to participate on Faculty-led programs with the program Director’s approval.  All graduate students must take the program for credit and will be assessed the graduate per credit hour tuition applicable for your particular college.

By completion of the application, the student is deemed enrolled in the program. To withdraw from the program, the student must notify the Study Abroad Office in writing.  Since Lehigh must often undertake substantial financial commitment on behalf of students prior to the beginning of study abroad programs, student will be charged for all non-recoverable funds Lehigh University has committed on a student’s behalf  including but not limited to airfare and housing costs.  Students are responsible for purchasing their own trip interruption/cancellation insurance.  The deposit submitted at the time of application is non-refundable.

If a student’s conduct after application to the program leads to disciplinary probation, the student will be dropped from the program and will forfeit the deposit as well as any unrecoverable money Lehigh has committed on behalf of the student up to the date of dismissal.  If a student is dismissed from the program at any point after the program starts, the student will be billed the full cost of the program (i.e., no refund will be given).




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