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Lehigh University Study Abroad: Programs
Austria: Vienna, IES (Internships Available)
Belgium: Katholieke University of Leuven Scholarship Info
Czech Republic: Prague, CIEE
Denmark: Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS)
  DTU–Technical University of Denmark (Global E3 for Engineers)
England: London Internship Program, Boston University
  Goldsmiths University of London
  King's College London
  London School of Economics (full year only)
  Oxford University, Butler University
  Queen Mary University of London
  University College London
  University of Buckingham Scholarship Info
  University of Kent Scholarship Info
  University of Manchester
  University of Nottingham Scholarship Info
  University of York
  Imperial College London (full year only)
  University of Leeds (Global E3 for Engineers)
  University of Sheffield (Global E3 for Engineers)
France: ESCEM Tours-Poitiers Scholarship Info
  Paris, IES (Internships Available)
  Louis Pasteur Institute Scholarship Info
  Strasbourg, Syracuse University (Internships Available)
  Montpellier, University of Minnesota (Internships Available)
  Vanderbilt University in Aix-en-Provence
Germany: Berlin, IES (Internships Available)
  Freiburg, IES (Internships Available)
  European Union, IES (Internships Available)
  Heidelberg University
  University of Dortmund Scholarship Info
Greece: College Year in Athens
Ireland: NUI, Galway Scholarship Info
  Trinity College Dublin
  University College Cork
  University of Limerick
Italy: Milan, IES (Internships Available)
  Siena, IES (Internships Available)
  Florence, Syracuse University (Internships Available)
  Rome, Temple University (Internships Available)
  ICCS Rome, Duke University
  John Cabot University Rome, SAI
Netherlands: Delft University of Technology (Global E3 for Engineers)
Russia: ACTR Moscow or St. Petersburg
  St. Petersburg, Bard College
  Middlebury College: Russia
Scotland: The Glasgow School of Art
  University of Edinburgh
Spain: Seville, Spanish Studies Abroad/CCCS (Internships Available)
  Alicante, CIEE
  Barcelona, CIEE (Internships Available)
  Seville, CIEE (Internships Available)
  Barcelona, IES (Internships Available)_
  Granada, IES (Internships Available)
  Salamanca, IES (Internships Available)
  Madrid, Marquette University
  Madrid, St. Louis University (Internships Available)
  Madrid, Syracuse University
  Universidad del Pais Vasco (Global E3 for Engineers)
  Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Global E3 for Engineers)
  Universidad Pontificia Comillas (Global E3 for Engineers)
Sweden: Stockholm School of Economics, The Swedish Program
  Lund University (Global E3 for Engineers)
Switzerland: Geneva Internship Program, Boston University
Wales: Cardiff University (Global E3 for Engineers)
SIT: Programs throughout Europe
Czech Republic, Netherlands, Serbia/ Bosnia/Kosovo, Switzerland




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