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Transfer Credit Policies

Transfer Credit Procedures

This Transfer Credit form (PDF) is to be used for advanced approval of courses to be taken.

This form should not be used for Study Abroad credit. Consult the Study Abroad Office for the proper procedures. Only those courses listed and approved on this form will transfer. Any student taking courses different from those listed, or failing to seek prior approval, risk having the course not eligible for transfer credit.

Secure the recommendation of the appropriate department chairperson at Lehigh for each course listed and return this form to the Office of the Registrar. Approval of the department is a recommendation and the final authority is the Registrar.

To see if your credit has been transferred:

  • Log into the portal and click Banner → Student Services → Student Academic Transcript
  • Set the transcript level to “All Levels” and the type to “Advising”.  Click submit.
  • If your credit has been posted, you will see a list of all transfer credit that has been accepted by Lehigh University

Policy Reminders

Transfer of credit from other institutions is the responsibility of the Registrar. Any students planning to take work at other institutions in the United States or elsewhere should initially check with the Registrar on policies and procedures. Full-time students may not be concurrently enrolled at any other institution, except for the LVAIC Consortium cross-registered courses, without the advanced approval of the Committee on the Standing of Students. Transfer of grades from institutions, other than the LVAIC Cross Registration system, is not possible.

  • Pass/Fail courses are not acceptable for transfer.
  • Courses taken at a two year or four year institution where a grade lower than a “C” has been earned will not transfer. (“C-” or below will not transfer)
  • Transfer courses may not be used to delete a prior “D” or “F” grade from your cumulative grade point average at Lehigh University. Transfer grades are NOT calculated in the Lehigh GPA.
  • No student may receive more credit at Lehigh than was granted on the other institution's transcript. Courses taken on the quarter system will have credit granted on a 3-2 ratio, no partial credit will be awarded. The student will receive credit equivalent to the number of credits indicated on the transcript, up to the number of credits for the equivalent course at Lehigh. The registrar has the final authority for the amount of credit awarded toward a Lehigh degree.
  • No credit will be granted for a course in which the student has already received credit for its equivalent at Lehigh.
  • No credit will be granted for continuing education unit courses, courses taken on-line, January or intersession courses, correspondence, independent study or any course less than 5 weeks and/or 15 contact hours per credit without the approval of a petition to the Standing of Students Committee.
  • Courses taken while in high school may require additional documentation. All questions should be directed to the registrar.
  • Courses must be taken at an institution that is accredited by one of the six regional associations.

After the course is completed, you must have an OFFICIAL transcript sent to: Office of the Registrar, Lehigh University, 27 Memorial Drive West, Bethlehem, PA 18015

Click here for the Transfer Credit Form (PDF)

Click here for the Leave of Absence web page.