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Web Access Troubleshooting & Error Messsages

Some students have not been able to gain access to the Student Secure Login page. If using a Lehigh, on-campus computer is not possible, we recommend trying the following measures:

  1. Make sure your PC has current versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher.
  2. Make sure your PC is opperating Windows 95 or greater, as we have had problems with students on Linux-based PCs.

Information Resources Help line can be reached by calling 610-758-HELP if problems persist.

Registration errors you might encounter:

Error Message Details Solution
LINK MISSING Course has a required lab or recitation that needs to be added at the same time. Select all parts of a course, to include the lecture and a lab or lecture and a recitation. In some departments this means adding 2 different CRNs, which must be added at the same time for the system to accept it.
CLOSED - # WAITLISTED Course is closed, the number of students currently on the waitlist is indicated.

After receiving this message, you can add yourself to the waitlist by selecting it from the drop down list or you can select another course. See Waitlist external linkDo's and Dont's.

DEPARTMENT HEAD / INSTRUCTOR SIGNATURE REQUIRED The course requires the signature of the department head or the instructor for registration. Visit or call the academic department for permission and an online registration override.
Level, College, Major, Class, Campus Restriction The course is restricted to members of a specific level (Grad or Undergrad), college, major, class, or for distance education students only. Select a different course or contact the academic department for permission and an online registration override.



The course has specific co-requisites or pre-requisites that may not have been met. Check to insure that you have met the course requirements. You can contact the Department for consideration for an override. Also, if you have met the course requirements, contact the Registrar's Office for assistance.
OPEN - # WAITLISTED Although the course has openings, the students on the waitlist have priority. Add yourself to the waitlist by selecting it from the Action column and/or select another course.
TIME CONFLICT You have registered for two courses that meet at the same time. The conflicting course CRN is identified. Select a different section/course that does not conflict.
DUPLICATE COURSE You have entered a duplicate CRN. Take whatever action you need on the worksheet area of the drop/add form.
COURSE NOT AVAILABLE The selected course was cancelled. Select a different course.
CRN DOES NOT EXIST An invalid CRN was entered. Enter the correct CRN.

If you have taken the action listed with your error message and you still have an unresolved problem with your registration, email our office, or call (x83200 or 610-758-3200) for assistance.