Drop/Add Procedures

After completion of the online activation process external link students may consult with their advisers and begin the process of dropping/adding classes. In order to drop/add, students must have their user ID and personal PIN set up AND have the registration PIN provided by their adviser.

Drop/Add Procedure:

  1. See your adviser and decide on necessary shedule adjustments.
  2. Your adviser will supply you with an alternate PIN unique to you and your adviser.
  3. Access our Secure Login external link(it will open in a new window so you can read the instructions simultaneously) and enter the User ID and personal PIN (not the Registration PIN given to you by your adviser), at which point you will be asked to re-enter your personal PIN.
  4. Select Student Services & Financial Aid from the menu.
  5. Select Registration.
  6. Select Add/Drop Classes.
  7. Select the appropriate semester and click on Submit.
  8. Enter the Registration (alternate) PIN provided by your adviser.
  9. Select Class Search and perform a search to review the availability of the course and section you wish to add.
  10. Courses with an open box in the first column are open. Sections with a C are closed.
  11. To register for an open section click on the open box and check it.
  12. Submit changes on the bottom of the work area.
  13. To drop a class, select "Web Drop" from the pull-down menu in the first column of your schedule and submit changes.
  14. The system will provide you with an error message or display the new schedule. Click here for a reference of error messages and their meanings.
  15. Repeat these steps until your schedule is correct.
  16. Review your schedule to make sure all of your intended actions were saved by selecting View Schedule by Day and Time from the Registration Menu.