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Registration Permission Overrides

Guide to Granting Registration Permission Overrides

If you are a section instructor wishing to grant an override to a student for a course restriction, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Banner and select the “Faculty Services” tab

  2. Select “Registration Overrides”

  3. Enter the Student ID (LIN) or student’s name that you are adding the override for and click “Submit”.  You will then be asked to confirm that you have selected the correct student.

  4. In the “Registration Overrides” section, use the drop-down menus in the “Override” column to choose the type of override you are granting, and in the “Course” column to choose the course (CRN) that you are granting the override for.  When finished, click “Submit”. 



Remember that some courses require multiple overrides – be sure to add all overrides that correspond with the error messages the student is receiving.  Also, be sure to select the specific CRN the student is trying to register for.  If a course has multiple sections, the student will only be able to add the CRN you have granted the override for!

Adding overrides to a student’s record will not register the student for the course.  The override simply permits the student to register for the designated CRN.

The following overrides can be granted:

  • Department, Instructor or Dean Approval
  • Student Attribute Override
  • Allow Campus Restriction
  • Allow Capacity Override
  • CBE Deans Office Only
  • Allow Class Override
  • Allow Cohort
  • Allow College Override
  • Allow Degree Override
  • Capacity & Department or Instructor Approval
  • Allow Duplicates
  • Journalism
  • Allow Level Override
  • Allow Major Override
  • Allow Prerequisite Waiver
  • Allow Program
  • Allow Time Conflict