Argos: Student Reporting System

The Registrar's Office is working with other units across campus to implement a new enterprise reporting system, Argos. Once implemented, the new system will allow convenient access to student reporting data for academic departments and other University administrative offices. This is the same system currently being used by Development and Alumni Relations for reporting.

What is Argos?

Argos is a web enabled reporting solution that was written with a real focus on end users and ease of use. Argos meets the needs of all user types from very simple, quick ad hoc reports or queries to more advanced analytics and dashboards. Argos is designed to be used across all browsers, operating systems, and even mobile devices.

Argos ExampleArgos Schedule of Classes example. Click image to enlarge.

When will Argos be available?

Argos is already being used for the Schedule of Classes data entry process. In mid-Febrary 2017**, the Registrar's Office plans to launch additional, basic reports that will serve the greatest number of users (e.g. student lists by program, major, college, etc.; course lists and rosters; graduation reports). After those launch, the Registrar's Office will build upon those initial core reports to develop more specialized and flexible report options for individual departments.

Why is this system being implemented?

The Registrar's Office is aware of the demand and necessity for end-user data access and student reports. In the past, the Office has tried to manage data requests across campus. However, the scope and depth of the data needs have grown such that a new solution is necessary to best serve campus.

How will Argos help?

Argos will provide a customized gateway to student reporting data for academic departments, student affairs, enrollment management, and other administrative roles with the University. When fully implemented, campus personnel will be able to generate customized reports that can be distributed electronically as XLS, PDF, RTF, XML, CSV, fixed-width, delimited and HTML files.

As we get closer to our launch date, we will update this page with additional information on what's available, how to request access, and where to get a live demonstration and/or training.

**Implementation estimates may vary.
The above content is intended for informational purposes for Lehigh University faculty and staff.
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