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Room Reservation Changes

Due to the restructuring of room requests, Conference Services will now be assisting the Registrar’s Office in the completion of room reservation confirmations.

The Registrar’s Office will continue to be responsible for the confirmation of all classroom assignments for academic courses, as well as the events associated with the completion of these courses. This would include requests for items such as exams, extra time needed for exams, student presentations, review sessions, dissertation defenses, etc. Conference services will now be handling reservations for all other requests, such as faculty or department meetings, student groups, club meetings, speakers, etc.

Faculty Notice for Spring 2017:

IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION: Review/Consultation/Study periods (RCS) prior to the spring 2017 final exam period are set as follows: Saturday, May 6, 2017 for Tuesday classes and Monday May 8, 2017, for Monday classes. Please advise all instructors, who are planning to utilize an RCS period, to submit a room reservation request in the R25 Web-viewer. This will be the only way to guarantee the instructor has reserved the RCS period and classroom for the course’s review period. Reservation requests will be processed and confirmed on a “First Come-First Served” basis. 

Please feel free to contact or with any further questions.

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