Checking your PaperCut Account

Lehigh utilizes PaperCut as its print management solution. When using a public site computer on campus, you can view your current printing balance at a glance on the PaperCut gadget which appears on the desktop screen upon login. Your printing allowance starts at $75.00 and will decrease, or "count down", with each page printed. You can log in directly to your PaperCut account through this gadget as well by clicking "Details..."



Logging Into Your PaperCut Account

Log into your PaperCut account directly via the desktop gadget on any public site computer or at Here you can check how many pages you have printed this semester and your total number of print jobs at the public site printers. You can also examine the environmental impact of your printing habits.

To understand more about how your printing impact statistics are calculated, read about the reported values at PaperCut's Environemental Impact Webpage.


Interpreting Your Account Summary

After logging into your account, you can quickly see how many pages you have printed as well as the remaining balance left on your balance. Look for the "Summary" table at the top of the main page in PaperCut. The dollar amount listed behind Balance will decrease (from a starting amount of $75.00) until it reaches $0.00. The number behind Total pages will increase from 0 and max out at the page limit of 1500.

PaperCut Stats