Communications Work Order Form

IMPORTANT NOTE: This form is ONLY for Telephone and LAN Move, Add, and Change requests. This is NOT a repair request.

If you need something repaired, please call TLINE (X.85463) and follow the voice mail instructions.

If you have a LAN repair or are experiencing network trouble and you are a faculty/staff member, please contact your assigned Computing Consultant. If you are unsure who your assigned consultant is, please call the LTS Help Desk at 8HELP (X.84357) or click on Your Computing Consultant or a Help Desk staff member will create a trouble ticket for you.

NOTE: For cost information, please refer to our Time/Pricing Schedules



DIRECTIONS: Fill out this form as completely as possible. Required fields are denoted by * . If you encounter an error, use the "Back" function in your browser to return to the form to correct it. Following the link on the error page will take you to a new copy of the form (without the data you have already entered--this is just like selecting "Start Over").


  (if "Other" Building)    

              *Long Distance:   Requesting long distance
                  *Voice Mail :  Requesting voice mail
(if yes * ) Voice Mail Account Number:
Name of Voice Mail user:
Faculty or Staff:

  I am the financial manager/authorized signer
for the above account(s). NOTE: This field must be YES for your work order to be completed

For your convenience, below are pictures of the phones, with the cost for each, available to you. For detailed information about a phone, please click on the picture of the phone.

PLEASE NOTE: The prices listed are for the phones only; they do not include charges for technician time, software charges, or new port charges. For detailed cost information, please click on the price of the phone.

Please specify the type(s) of phone/equipment in the description portion of this form. If not phone, please specify fax machine, LAN or modem.



Basic Analog


Telematrix LP550

Please describe the specific work you are requesting. If you have any questions, please contact Debbie Henritzy at X.85007.



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