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Lehigh Valley Registration Form

Schedule & Other Important Dates

Form 8 for Teams

Agenda, General Rules and Guidelines

Forms are from Intel ISEF Document Library

Interactive Intel ISEF 2013 Forms



Student Information

Forms are from Intel ISEF Document Library

The following forms are required for ALL projects:

Lehigh Valley Registration Form

Form 1: Checklist for Adult Sponsor / Safety Assessment Form

Form 1A: Student Checklist / Research Plan

Provide a typed research plan and attach to Student Checklist (1A). Please include your name on each page. The research plan for ALL projects is to include the following:
A. Question or Problem being addressed
B. Goals/Expected Outcomes/Hypotheses
C. Description in detail of method or procedures (The following are important and key items that should be included when formulating ANY AND ALL research plans.)

  • Procedures: Detail all procedures and experimental design to be used for data collection
  • Data Analysis: Describe the procedures you will use to analyze the data/results that answer research questions or hypotheses

D. Bibliography: List at least five (5) major references (e.g. science journal articles, books, internet sites) from your literature review. If you plan to use vertebrate animals, one of these references must be an animal care reference.

  • Choose one style and use it consistently to reference the literature used in the research plan

Form 1B: Approval Form


Additional Intel Science Fair Forms

may be needed for safety, liability and federal law requirements depending on the project/experimentation being done.

Forms are from Intel ISEF Document Library

Agenda, General Rules and Guidelines

General Rules and Guidelines:

  1. Registration, Set Up and Safety Inspection of all projects must be done Friday night, March 14, 2014. Should the student not be available, a parent, friend or teacher can set up the project in the student’s absence.
  2. Students who have elected to participate in other events on the day of the fair, must be present for their interview with the judges by 12:30 PM in the Rauch Field House, Saturday, March 15, 2014.
  3. No parents or teachers on the main floor during judging
  4. Students are to sit at their project site at all times during the interview portion of the judging process otherwise risk not being interviewed if not present. Suggest bringing a book or school work to read while waiting their turn.
  5. No throwing Frisbees, footballs, etc. on the project floor.
  6. No food and drinks on display floor. Snacks will be provided in separate area.

Any questions, please contact outreach@lehigh.edu.

Other helpful science websites:

This site was developed by a science teacher who has many years of experience helping student with science fair projects. www.fun-science-project-ideas.com

Another useful sites:

Science Buddies: Project Ideas

Science Fair Project Ideas - education.com



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