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On April 15th, 2012, Lehigh University will celebrate its 25th Annual International Bazaar Festival. Make sure to join us for the celebration in the courtyard between FM Library and STEPS! There are also a number of ways YOU can become part of the Bazaar

  • FACEBOOK: Join the Bazaar Page on Facebook for pictures and updates and more
  • FASHION SHOW: Strut your stuff as a model OR lend your beautiful clothing for the Fashion Show
  • ENTERTAINMENT: Showcase your unique talent at the bazaar as a performer
  • GET A TABLE: Sell some delicious food or crafts. Promote your club or initiative. Sign up for a table!
  • PHOTO CONTEST: Enter the Bazaar photo contest celebrating cultural diversity
  • HISTORY: Get Wise! Learn about the history and organization of the Bazaar

Fashion Show Sign-Ups

AdvisingThe Fashion Show is one of the main highlights of the Bazaar. 20-30 models will wear clothes from all around the world and will take the stage (30 seconds to a few minutes for each model) to music and showcase their cultural fashion sense. The fashion show runs for 30 minutes during the Bazaar and is a fun way to participate in the Bazaar. If you would like to be a model, have some clothes that can be used for the fashion show, or both, PLEASE sign up with our Fashion Show committee members! Everyone is welcome to sign up! Send an email to Peiyan (pez215) or Niyue (niz215) or fill out the form below:

Fashion Show Sign-Up

*Required Field

*Name (Last, First):

*Email: (example: abc211@lehigh.edu or abc211@gmail.com) 



Yes, I would like to be a model, but I DO NOT have something to wear!

Yes, I would like to be a model and I HAVE something to wear!

No, I can't be a model, but I would like to lend my awesome outfit for someone else to wear! (don't worry, we will take good care of it!)

If you have clothing, please fill in:

*Country Origin of Clothing:  

*Description or Name of Clothing (ex. Qipao, Sari, etc) :  

*If lending, is this is for Men, Women, or Children 

*If lending, what is the Size?  

Thank you!

Fashion Show Committee,
Peiyan (pez215)
Niyue (niz215)
Asmita (acp211)
Ekom (eiu214)

Entertainment Sign-Ups

What would the Bazaar be without Lehigh kids showing off their dance moves, singing abilities or yo-yo talents? Throughout the day, different acts of all kinds will entertain the crowd. Let’s keep up the tradition and make this an entertaining Bazaar for all of us on campus!


Any club, association, person, or YOU want to seize the stage and showcase your culture, your talent? YOU are more than welcome! Please check out the link and fill out the form. 



Let’s enjoy the show then!

Entertainment Committee,
Wei (wel208)
Jinhan (zhujh02@gmail.com)
Rinosh (rip211)
Hari (hkk211)
Runtong (ruw211)
Ji (jiz310)
Jing (jih211)
Wen (wen311)

Table Sign-Ups

tableRegister for a table to sell your delicious food, t-shirts, your beautiful jewelry or other interesting items. Promote your club, event, cause or initiative to the Lehigh and greater Bethlehem community!  There will be 100s of visitors -- they will come often and they will come hungry!

  • Table price: $30 for Lehigh Members, $60 for community
  • The deadline to register is March 30th, 2012
  • If you are selling food, you MUST submit an ingredients list
  • Please register your table with Jeanne (jet206) in ISS, Coxe Hall, 32 Sayre Drive
    Thank you!
    Food Committee,

Teck Tze (ttl210)
Yingxin (yio214)
Renjie (res311)
Bingqing (bic210)

Photo Contest

This year, in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of International Bazaar at Lehigh, there will be an International Bazaar Photo Contest to showcase photos with a focus on the role of cultural diversity at Lehigh. contest

Photo Contest Guidelines:

  • THE THEME of the competition is "Celebrating Cultural Diversity at Lehigh". All Lehigh students, faculty, and staff are invited to submit photos. These photos can include diversity from abroad.
  • SUBMIT as many photos as you wish electronically to intbazaarphotocontest@gmail.com with:
    • Your full name
    • Your email address
    • Graduating Year or position at Lehigh
    • Photo Title
    • Photo Caption of how the photo captures cultural diversity (no more than 125 words)

  • DEADLINE TO SUBMIT is 6th April 2012. 
  • FINALISTS will be chosen by 9th April 2012 on the basis of how well their photo captures the theme of "Celebrating Cultural Diversity at Lehigh". Technical and artistic merit will also be considered, but to a lesser degree.
  • BEST 10 PHOTOS will be chosen to display during the international bazaar. The photos of the finalists will be exhibited on the ISS table during International Bazaar Event, 15th April 2012.
  • BEST 3 PHOTOS will be chosen based on the number of public votes gathered during the day of the Bazaar. Voting is open to all student, faculty, staff and locals who visit the international bazaar. Individuals may only vote once.
  • The winners of the photo contest will be announced at the end of the Bazaar and will be awarded with the prizes below.
    • 1st Place: $100 gift certificate + 25th International Bazaar Tee Shirt
    • 2nd Place: $50 gift certificate  + 25th International Bazaar Tee Shirt
    • 3rd Place: $25 gift certificate + 25th International Bazaar Tee Shirt

The Publicity Committee,

Andrew (anl211)
Hui (huj211)
Diana (dcg211)
Yuan (yug211)

Photo contest is sponsored by Study Abroad, International Students & Scholars, Global Union, ArtsLehigh, Asian Studies, Dean of Students/Student Affairs and Graduate Student Life.

History of the International Bazaar

The International Bazaar started in 1988 when a small group of international students at Lehigh University got together in Maginnes Hall to celebrate their culture through music and dance. Over the years, the Bazaar has evolved to become the largest non-Greek event on Lehigh campus. Organized by the Office of International Students & Scholars, this four-hour event (takes place in April annually) provides an opportunity for the international as well as the domestic students to showcase their culture and heritage. It allows people from different backgrounds to learn from each other and exchange experiences together.

Volunteers_4The Bazaar gives the audience a glimpse of the dance performances, music, and arts and crafts from all around the world. One’s taste buds will also appreciate the traditional ethnic foods prepared by the international students at Lehigh. Highlights of the day will also include a fashion show featuring the beautiful costumes from countries around the world. More photos of the Bazaar are available in the Photo Gallery.  Click HERE to see a short video from International Bazaar 2010. 

The International Bazaar Planning Committee is consisted of four sub-committees.

  • Entertainment Committee (EC) - is in charge of searching and organizing talented student groups at Lehigh that would like to perform (dance, musical instruments, martial arts, etc.) at the Bazaar. The EC is also responsible for finding a master of ceremonies for the show as well as a guest speaker who will briefly address the crowd before the show.
  • Fashion Show Committee (FSC) - is in charge of recruiting student models from various countries represented at Lehigh and organizing the flow of the show.
  • Food Committee (FC) - is in charge of collecting food ingredients information from the participating clubs for the Bethlehem Health Bureau; organizing and conducting food safety workshops; distributing chafing dishes; overlooking the Bazaar site to make sure all groups are complying with the food regulations required by the Health Bureau.
  • Publicity Committee (PC) - is in charge of all the advertising of the event including creating and posting flyers, posters, and emails; designing the Bazaar logo; and fundraising for the event.

If you would like to participate in the Bazaar (as a performer, volunteer, etc), please contact Jeanne T. Ma at jet206@lehigh.edu.  Follow us on Facebook!

Office of International Students and Scholars • Lehigh University • 32 Sayre Drive, Coxe Hall, Bethlehem, PA 18015 • 610-758-4859 • Fax: 610-758-5156 • intnl@lehigh.edu
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