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Dr Richard P. Vinci
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Research Interests:

Dr. Vinci joined the Lehigh University faculty in 1998, and serves as Director of the Mechanical Behavior Lab in the Materials Research Center. His current research is focused on the processing and mechanical behavior of thin films for microelectronics and MEMS applications.


PhD 1994, MS 1990, Materials Science & Engineering, Stanford University
BS 1988, Materials Science & Engineering, M.I.T.

Contact Information

Phone: (610) 758-4581


ASM Lehigh Valley Chapter Outstanding Young Member Award
Gilbert E. Doan Award given by graduating seniors
Lehigh University Junior Award for Distinguished Teaching
ASM International Bradley Stoughton Award for Young Teachers
Tau Beta Pi Eminent Engineer (PA Alpha Chapter)
NSF New Century Scholar

Specific Research Categories

Thin films, on substrates: stress relaxation, wear, alloying (microelectronics, capacitor electrodes, MEMS mirrors and switches)
Thin films, freestanding: anelasticity, fatigue (MEMS switches)
MEMS device design: fabrication techniques (mechanical test structures, in-package optical fiber aligner)
Nanopatterned surfaces: fabrication techniques (LEDs, laser diodes)
Lead-free solder: mechanical reliability, microstructure evolution (microelectronics)
Characterization of natural materials: skin, geological specimens, intermandibular tissue of macrophagic snakes

MEMS Processing and Testing

Fabricated and tested Au film reinforced with V 2 O 5 nanoparticles for low wear and low contact resistance
Demonstrated successful stress relaxation measurements in 33 nm thick Al films
Measured and modeled linear viscoelastic response in 1 µm thick Al films; also developed similar technique for Au
Fabricated Pt-IrO 2 films with low residual stress and low thermal expansion
Developed first S/N fatigue data for freestanding Al thin films
Fabricated nanopatterned sapphire substrates via thin film solid state conversion for GaN growth
Demonstrated size-dependent ductility in “brittle” intermetallic compounds for lead-free solder
MEMS micro-tensile test die

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