• harmer.jpg
    Keck grant funds the study of anti-thermal processes.
  • alumina.jpg
    Alumina nanocomposites may boost the wear resistance of Teflon.
  • greengas.jpg
    Two professors accelerate the push for greener fuel sources.
  • optical.jpg
    Researchers advance one step closer to the dream of all-optical data transmission.
  • nanofibers.jpg
    A new, more efficient method of growing titanium oxide-based nanofibers.
  • lightsources.jpg
    Volkmar Dierolf leads the way in research that studies materials related to light sources.
  • toughness.jpg
    Testing the toughness of metal and ceramics yields surprising insights.
  • aluminum.jpg
    Using ceramic nanoparticles may improve selective laser sintering.
  • extrusion.jpg
    Solid state recycling of aluminum chips by extrusion may prove superior.
  • porous.jpg
    Kai Landskron uses high pressure to crystallize porous material walls.
  • diffcell.jpg
    Sabrina Jedlicka and colleagues assess the behavior of neural stem cells.

Better Materials · Brighter Future

Uncovering oxygen's role in red LEDs

Research reveals that the quantity and location of oxygen in GaN can be fine-tuned to improve the optical performance of Eu-doped GaN devices.

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A singular research success and Lehigh first

The Keck Foundation has awarded a $1M grant to study the mechanisms that govern anti-thermal processes that appear to reverse nature.

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Unveiling the nanotube's quantum behavior

Researchers discover an important method for measuring the properties of nanotube materials using a microwave probe.

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