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"I will highly recommend this course to co-workers. Very professional staff and lecturers. Great topics. Well presented. Interesting. Great energy of lecturers and lab personnel."  
- From 2014 participant

Textbooks and Course Materials

As a participant you will receive your own copy of one of the textbooks authored by the course lecturers:

Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-ray Microanalysis, 3rd edition (2003), Kluwer/Springer Publishers, New York

Transmission Electron Microscopy: A Textbook for Materials Science, 2nd Edition (2009), Kluwer/Springer Publishers, New York

Introduction to Focused Ion Beam: Instrumentation, Theory, Techniques, and Practice (2005) (eds. L.A. Giannuzzi and F. A. Stevie) Springer, New York

A link to a website containing exclusive imaging and analysis software.

A notebook containing course notes of PowerPoint slides presented by the lecturers. A laboratory workbook authored by the course lecturers.

The Lehigh Microscopy School is supported by the suppliers of the following software that is used in the School:

Electron Flight Simulator (Monte Carlo calculations) Demo

MeX (3D image analysis) Demo

ACT (automatic diffraction in the TEM)

NIST DTSA II (Desktop Spectrum Analyzer)

NISTZAF and TRYZAF (Quantitative Electron Probe Microanalysis Data Correction Software) , John Armstrong (e-mail: AaesJTA@aol.com)

SRIM (Ion Penetration Simulation)

Win Xray (X-ray Analysis)

CASINO (Monte Carlo)

Image J (Image Processing)

CalcZAF (EPMA calculation and modeling utility)


Textbooks written by course lecturers

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