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26 February 2015
Bu Wang thesis defense
Bu Wang, doctoral student of Xuanhong Cheng, successfully defended her thesis, Isolation, Culture, Differentiation and Analysis of Cells in Microfluidics.

25 February 2015
Strandwitz paper published
Nick Strandwitz and his team had a paper accepted into Applied Physics Letters: In situ measurement of fixed charge evolution at silicon surfaces during atomic layer deposition.

19 February 2015
Lehigh MSE Calendar announced
Lehigh MSE now has a sortable, searchable, mobile-friendly calendar containing weekly and upcoming events, seminars, programs, summer camps, defenses, and more.

19-20 February 2015
Seminar with Jeehwan Kim
Jeehwan Kim from IBM TJ Watson Research Center presents Material innovations for nanoelectronics: Atomic-precision control of two-dimensional materials at the Spring Seminar Series in WH 203 at 4:10pm on Thursday, Feb. 19, and presents Mechanical Properties of Materials & Strengthening Mechanisms in Mat 33 on Friday, Feb. 20, at 9:35am in WH 451.

18 February 2015
Seminar with Steven Schmid
Steven Schmid from Univ. of Notre Dame presents Selected Topics in Orthopedic Implant Design at the Spring Seminar Series in WH 207 at 12:10pm.

11-12 February 2015
Seminar with Mohammed Abidian
Mohammed Abidian from Penn State University presents Advanced Nanobiomaterials for Neural Interfaces at the Spring Seminar Series in WH 203 on Thursday, Feb 12, at 4:10pm.

10 February 2015
Seminar with Tim Pasang
Tim Pasang from Auckland Univ of Technology presents Titanium and its Alloys for Aerospace and Biomedical Applications at the Spring Seminar Series in WH 203 at 4:10pm.

3 February 2015
Seminar with Leslie Chow
Leslie Chow from Imperial College, London and BioE Faculty Search Candidate, teaches BioE 324/424 from 7:55am to 9:10am, and presents Peptide-polymer platforms for dynamic and biomimetic biomaterials at the Spring Seminar Series in WH 203 at 4:10pm.

28 January 2015
Spring 2015 seminar series schedule available
The spring seminar series schedule is now available, with reservations to accommodate our photonics faculty search candidates.

21 January 2015
PA Governor's School engineering mentors needed
LPGSE&T is looking for undergrad and graduate engineering students to
serve as student mentors for rising high school seniors for a four week
residential program hosted by Lehigh University, June 24-July 26. $3200 stipend, free dorm housing,and free meal plan. Learn more about the mentor program.

13 January 2015
Engineering Co-Op Program
Lehigh MSE participates in the Engineering Cooperative Education (Co-Op) Program, a selective program for sophomore year engineering students that combines academic study with approximately eight months of paid, career-related professional experience. Because of the rigorous academic schedule, only students with a GPA of 3.0 or better in the sophomore class are invited to participate. Learn more about the Engineering Co-Op Program.

7 January 2015
Glass Processing course offered for Spring 2015
MAT 498-010, Glass Processing, is a unique international 3-credit course to be offered in Spring 2015, featuring two 75-minute lectures each week. Planned topics include the melting and coloring of glass, glass forming, annealing, cutting, surface treatments, and more. This course is appropriate for both science and engineering seniors as well as graduate students. See the flyer for more information.

15 December 2014
Podcast with Helen Chan
Helen Chan discusses which material is best for smartphone screens: Glass or Sapphire? Both the podcast and article are published in PC Magazine.

2 December 2014
Seminar with two MSE graduate students
Tuesday, December 2, WH 203 at 4:10pm, Dan Bechetti presents Microstructural Evolution of INCONEL® Alloy 740H® Fusion Welds during Creep, and Amelia Labak presents Fracture Behavior of Silica and Rubber Nanoparticle Toughened Epoxies.

25 November 2014
Seminar with Heather Jaeger
Heather Jaeger from Lehigh Department of Chemistry gives a talk about Electronic excitation in metal-organic materials at the Fall Seminar Series. WH 203 at 4:10pm.

14 November 2014
YMN poster contest winners
Congratulations to our ASM International Young Members Night poster contest winners: 1st place, Allie Fletcher and Emily Lagomarsino for "Crank Up the Strength: Metallographic Analysis of the Advancement of Bicycle Cranks," 2nd place, Shannon Quigley and Christopher Watson for "Metallographic Analysis of a Bone Plate and Screws," and 3rd place, Jack Edgerton and Sean Lynch for "Barrel O'Fun."

11 November 2014
Seminar with Jonathan Caspar
Jonathan Caspar from DuPont presents Solution-Based Routes to Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 Thin-Films for Earth-Abundant Photovoltaic Devices at the Fall Seminar Series. WH 203 at 4:10pm.

4 November 2014
Seminar with three MSE graduate students
Tuesday, November 4, WH 203 at 4:10pm, Li Lu presents Biosynthesis of Size Controllable CdS Quantum Dots, and Chris Marvel presents On the Mechanism of Grain Size Stabilization in Nanocrystalline NiW Alloys. Thursday, November 6, WH 271 at 4:10pm, Chao Zhao presents Measuring the thermal diffusion coefficients of artificial and biological particles in a microfluidic chip.

3 November 2014
Grad student handbook updated
Get a copy of the latest MSE Graduate Student Handbook for 2014-15.

31 October 2014
Two Lehigh alums part of ASM's 2014 Class of Fellows
John Marcin '83 and Mike Hahn '74, '82G were recently honored for their contributions to materials science and engineering as ASM Fellows. John J. Marcin, FASM, is currently a manager with United Technologies - Pratt & Whitney, Marlborough, Conn. He was recognized for important contributions to investment casting of turbine airfoils and for developing new superalloy casting techniques to enable production of turbine airfoil designs with significantly higher temperature capability.

Dr. Michael T. Hahn, FASM, is currently an Engineer 5 with Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems, Redondo Beach, Calif. He was recognized for outstanding contributions to a wide variety of metallurgical advancements for improving the performance and cost effectiveness of various aircraft alloys, including aluminum, titanium, and steel alloys as well as composites, ceramics, and coatings in the commercial and noncommercial aircraft industries.

30 October 2014
MSE graduate student wins SPE scholarships
Binay Patel, Research Assistant and P.C. Rossin Doctoral Fellow, was awarded two scholarships from the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE). In October, he received the Ted & Ruth Neward Memorial Scholarship from the SPE Foundation, and in September, he won the James Mackenzie Graduate Scholarship from the Thermoset Division of the SPE.

28 October 2014
Seminar with Kurtis Cantley
Dr. Kurtis Cantley from Boise State University presents Electronic Materials and Devices for Biologically Realistic Neural Systems at the Fall Seminar Series. WH 203 at 4:10pm.

23 October 2014
Lehigh Microscopy School 2015
Lehigh's world-renowned microscopy school is now open for registration for the summer 2015 session. To learn about course offerings, download a brochure, and sign up, please visit Lehigh's Microscopy School's web site.

21 October 2014
Seminar with Mark Aindow
Dr. Mark Aindow from the University of Connecticut presents The Microstructural Development in Conductive Oxide Coatings for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Interconnects at the Fall Seminar Series. WH 203 at 4:10pm.

15 October 2014
Seminar with Alojz Ivankovic
Prof. Alojz Ivankovic from University College of Dublin presents Fracture of nano-modified adhesives and composites and beyond at the seminar series as part of the SPE Polymer Conference. Wood Dining Room, 2nd Floor Iacocca Hall, Mountaintop Campus at 1pm.

13 October 2014
Lehigh MSE wins Roland B. Snow award
Chris Marvel, Denise Yin, Patrick Cantwell, and Martin Harmer were awarded the Roland B. Snow award at MS&T 2014. This award is presented for the best ceramographic work at the annual meeting of the American Ceramic Society (ACerS) during MS&T and consists of a monetary award and a Steuben glass artifact. Their entry also received the first place award in the Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy Category.

7 October 2014
Fall Seminar Series updated
Get the updated Fall seminar schedule. The latest is always available online.

29 September 2014
Seminar with Todd Hufnagel
Dr. Todd Hufnagel from Johns Hopkins is giving a talk for our seminar series: Deformation and fracture of metallic glasses. Tuesday, 9/30 @4:10pm, WH 203. Refreshments @3:45pm in WH 349.

29 September 2014
Lehigh MSE Assistant Professor opportunity
Lehigh MSE seeks an Assistant Professor in photonic, optoelectronic, or nanoelectronic materials. Application deadline is 11/30.

17 September 2014
ExxonMobil info session
ExxonMobil is discussing metallurgical, welding, and corrosion engineering careers during an Info Session Wed 9/17 @4:10pm in the lounge.

16 September 2014
Martin Harmer on grain boundary complexions
Prof. Martin Harmer is giving a talk in Neville 3 @4:10pm Wed 9/17: “Grain Boundary Complexions – A Transformative New Concept in Material Science.” Refreshments @3:45pm in the lobby.

16 September 2014
Grad students present at seminar
Charles McLaren and Mahyar Moghadam present at the Tuesday seminar. Cookies and coffee Sept 16 @3:45pm in the lounge. See abstracts.

11 September 2014
Students win IMS contest
Congrats to our 2014 IMS winners in Class 3: Emily and Allie, 1st place and the Kehl Award; Alex and Richard, 2nd place.

2 September 2014
2014 Fall Seminar Series schedule

The new Fall Seminar Series schedule has been released.

21 July 2014
Lehigh's PA Governor's School kicks off
Lehigh hosts the PA Governor's School and materials science is a significant part of the curriculum. The school runs from July 20 to August 2.

14 July 2014
Materials Camp for Teachers begins
Teachers' Camp runs from July 14 to July 18.

7 July 2014
Materials Camp for Students begins
MAT Camp runs from July 7 to July 11.

8 June 2014
Microscopy School begins
Lehigh's Microscopy School begins its 44th year and runs from June 8 to 13.


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