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Bill Mushock and Dr. Robert Keyse honored with
Lehigh Tradition of Excellence Award

Bill Mushock, SEM Manager, and Dr. Robert Keyse, Research ScientistOn January 16, 2013, Dr. Robert Keyse, Research Scientist (left), and Bill Mushock, SEM Manager (right), were both recipients of the Lehigh Tradition of Excellence Award. This program recognizes members of our Lehigh community whose dedication, imagination, creativity, and leadership contribute to making our university a better place to work and learn. Bill and Rob are both part of the Center for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology.

Rob was recognized for his expertise in ensuring the smooth and efficient running of one of the largest and most advanced electron microscope facilities in the United States. He maintains TEMs and other instruments, trains users, and provides superb teaching support in the Advanced TEM and Defects in Materials courses. He also managed the installation and commission of CAMN's new flagship $4.5M aberration-corrected JEOL-ARM 200F electron microscope. This installation required significant room modifications that he carried out together with Lehigh facilities and JEOL. He also managed the renovation and relocation of the focused ion beam instrument, and helped to obtain a space renewal grant from RCEAS to improve the microscopy facility environment.

Bill has done an exceptional job maintaining instruments, training users, and participating in outreach activities to high school and community colleges. He also installed and commissioned a microprobe instrument, oversaw the transfer and re-commissioning of the electron beam lithography instrument from the Sherman-Fairchild Center, and worked to obtain a $126,000 space renewal grant from RCEAS to improve the working environment in the facility.

Congratulations, Rob and Bill!!