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Jeffrey M. Rickman Publications

Selected recent publications

"Phase Transformations Kinetics and Self-Patterning in Misfitting Thin  Films," S.-B. Lee, J. M. Rickman, and K. Barmak, Acta Mater. 51,  6415-6427 (2003).

"Incorporation of Local Structure in Continuous Dislocation Theory,"  R. LeSar and J. M. Rickman, Phys. Rev. B 69, 172105 (2004).

"Biased Diffusive Transport and Solute Trapping Near a Crack," P.  Kansuwan, J. M. Rickman and T. J. Delph, Phys. Rev. B 75, 024106 (2007).

"The Role of Segregating Impurities in Grain-Boundary Diffusion," P.  Kansuwan and J. M. Rickman, J. Chem. Phys. 126, 094707 (2007).

Temperature Dependence of Thermodynamic Quantities From Simulations at a Single Temperature", J. M. Rickman and S. R. Phillpot, Phys. Rev. Lett. 66, 349 (1991).

Effects of Long-range Crystalline Order on Collective Diffusion in Binary Solids," J.M. Rickman, Jorge Vinals, R. F. Sekerka, and W. W. Mullins, Phys. Rev. B 45, 7750 (1992).

Defect Interactions on Solid Surfaces," J. M. Rickman and D. J. Srolovitz, Surf. Sci. 284, 211 (1993).

"Thermoelastic Analysis of Matrix Crack Growth in Particulate Composites, " N. Sridhar, J. M. Rickman and D. J. Srolovitz, Acta metall. mater. 43, 1669 (1995).

"Finite-Temperature Properties of Materials From Analytical Statistical Mechanics," R. LeSar and J. M. Rickman, to be published in Phil. Mag. B.

G. Lucadamo, K. Barmak, D.T. Carpenter and J. M. Rickman, "Microstructure Evolution During Solid State Reactions of Nb/Al Multilayers," Acta Mater. 49, 2813-2826 (2001).

W. S. Tong, J. M. Rickman and K. Barmak "Impact of Short-range Repulsive Interactions Between Nuclei on the Evolution of a Phase Transformation," Journal of Chemical Physics, 114, No. 2 (2001).

J. M. Rickman and R. LeSar "Finite-temperature Dislocation Interactions," Physical Review B, 64, 094106 (2001).

J. Cormier, J. M. Rickman and T. J. Delph "Stress Calculation in Atomistic Simulations of Perfect and Imperfect Solids," Journal of Applied Physics, 89, 99, (2001).

J. Cho, C. M. Wang, H. M Chan, J. M. Rickman and M. P. Harmer, "A Study of Grain-Boundary Structure in Rare-Earth Doped Aluminas Using an EBKD Technique," J. Mat. Sci. 37 [1], 59-64 (2002).

J. M. Rickman, "Free-Energy Calculations in Materials Research," Annu. Rev. Mater. Res. 32, 195-217 (2002).

J. M. Rickman, "Multiple Expansion of Dislocation Interactions: Application to Discrete Dislocations," Phys. Rev. B 65 [14] (2002).

W. S. Tong, J. M. Rickman, H. M. Chan and M. P. Harmer, "Coble-Creep Response and the Variability of Grain-Boundary Properties," J. Mat. Res. 17 348 (2002).

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