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Himanshu Jain Research

Dr. Jain’s group investigates, in collaboration with several groups across the globe, various aspects of the structure, properties, and processing of glass for developing their new applications. His current research activities include the study of novel photoinduced phenomena, electrical conduction over a wide range of temperature and frequency (particularly the ‘jellyfish’ concept introduced by him), dielectric and optical properties, diffusion and defects in chalcogenide and oxide glasses. Recently, his group has been developing new resists and processes for gray scale micro and nanolithography, novel bioactive glasses with nano-macro bimodal porosity, infrared transmitting multilayer thin film structures for chem-bio sensing, transparent ferroelectric glass-ceramics and single crystal micro-architecture in glass for nonlinear optical applications, etc. Various pump-probe techniques such as X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), X-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS), extended electron energy loss fine structure (EXELFS) are developed for characterizing the structure under in situ laser irradiation. Besides his personal research, Dr. Jain, as the director of NSF’s International Materials Institute for New Functionality in Glass, is strongly committed to promoting worldwide the science, engineering and education of glass in general. He has edited 7 books and authored 2 patents and well over 200 technical papers on glass.

Ferroelectric single crystal micro-architecture ‘laser fabricated’ in glass.

For superior replacement of diseased bone a glass mimicking the natural structure is fabricated with bimodal nano-macro porosity: (a) Macro Pores ~100's of µm. (b) Nano pores(~5-7 nm) in the same sample, seen at higher magnification.

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