Lehigh e-Mail

Remember - Never e-mail your Lehigh password.
Never login to any website with your Lehigh username and password if the website address doesn't end with "lehigh.edu/".

  • Lehigh GMail is available for current Students, Faculty and Staff. Alumni can use myLehigh gmail.

  • Migrate your Lehigh mail to Lehigh GMail (or another system) using LEM (the Lehigh Email Migrator).
  • Read Lehigh e-mail via webmail (faculty and staff)
  • Use the Account web page to manage your Lehigh account passwords.

  • To adjust settings such as vacation messages, use the settings button/gear icon in Lehigh GMail. If you are still using the new legacy mail system you can adjust a small number of settings from the account page such as disk quotas, e-mail forwarding, vacation messages and configuring spam tagging/filtering. If you are using Lehigh GMail or the legacy system, use the account page for setting up e-mail aliases and subscribing to daily Lehigh announcements.

  • Find a Person by name, username or 5-digit Lehigh phone number:
    To search by last name & initial, use the initial, asterisk, and last name: A* Gast

  • Subscribe to campus mailing lists - Mailman lists. You can also subscribe to mailing lists in Lehigh Google groups. Lehigh Google groups are user managed so anyone with a Lehigh Google account can create and manage a group (mailing list).

  • Policies Read Lehigh's computer and Network use policy.

  • Help Contact the Helpdesk (610-758-HELP)
    E-mail guide

Mail Notes

  • SMTP (outgoing) on port 587 with TLS Encryption and Authentication is required for people configuring all client (MUA) computers which relay traffic through Lehigh. For reading mail, SSL IMAP on port 993 is required.

    If you are using Thunderbird, follow these configuration instructions.

  • Clam Antivirus is now at version 0.99 and scanning all mail, both incoming and outgoing.
  • Spamassassin 3.4.1 is installed and tagging messages as SPAM. You can report spam messages to the FTC or by email to spam@uce.gov. Note - When reporting a spam message be sure to forward it with all headers (such as using the "as attachment" option in thunderbird). SPAM messages should be automatically filtered in a folder called SPAM.
  • Mail to addresses identified as a phishing site are automatically blocked, and the message "This address has been blocked due to phishing" is displayed. If you've received a phishing message and did respond with your password, please go to the Lehigh account page and change your password, so the phisher's can't use it.
  • Because we have quotas on incoming mailboxes and many external servers have limits on e-mail, please use the Lehigh filesender for transfering large files (over 20 MB). For sharing collections of photos, a free service such as Google Photos or Yahoo flickr may be what you need. For collaboration, you may want to use google docs, which you can access with your lehigh accounts via http://www.lehigh.edu/google.
  • Learn how to recognize phishing emails by completing the LTS-Security course in coursesite. See Don't get Phished video.